Each member of my family had at least one thing that he wanted to do while in Spain. My oldest son was set on visiting as many football stadiums as possible. I was able to make his wish come true, we ended up visiting three of them. This time we were in Malaga and toured La Rosaleda Stadium. It ended up being our favorite of the ones we visited.


La Rosaleda Malaga Football Club Stadium Tour - Review

Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro /Gringa TravelingMom


Now that my boys are getting older, they are starting to request for things to do whenever we travel. For our recent trip to Spain, each of my family members had something we wanted to experience. So even if the rest of us weren’t 100% keen on the activity we joined in. It was all about being reciprocal to each other.


The one thing that my oldest boy wanted to do was football stadium tour hopping. This was his reward for joining the rest of us on other activities. When in Madrid we visited Bernabeu and we planned to go to Barcelona and tour Camp Nou. In between we were going to Malaga. During that time we took the opportunity to visit La Rosaleda Football Stadium.


La Rosaleda Stadium Surprised Us

When visiting stadiums for top notch teams such as Real Madrid and Barca, you expect to see the best of the best, especially if you have never been on a stadium tour, and they didn’t disappoint.

By the time we got to Malaga’s Stadium we already had a reference point – Bernabeu. So I can genuinely say I can compare it to the best in the world.

And you know what? I was pleasantly surprised when we discovered that it deserves to be in the same class.

La Rosaleda Malaga Football Club Stadium Tour - Review

Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro /Gringa TravelingMom

The team itself is nowhere near as famous and skilled as Real Madrid or FC Barcelona, but their stadium definitely matched up. I can tell you that the only difference I found was the amount of seats. Real Madrid can fit 85,000 people per game, while Malaga only has 35,000.

The layout of the tour was great with plenty of walks down history lane. They also allow you to visit the lockers and press room.

One thing that we liked more about this one than the other two we visited was the fact that it didn’t feel like a huge conglomerate or business machine. It was more personal. At the end, we preferred this one to the world’s best.

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