I have been so lucky to have 2 amazing little boys, both abroad. My first son was born in Costa Rica. Having practically no reference as to what types of experiences birthing moms have in the States, I still feel it’s safe to say that my experience out did theirs.

First of all, I am a paranoid person, having heard tons of stories about babies being switched at birth or even worse, stolen, I was extraordinarily relieved when there was only 2 other children born the same night as my first, and trust me there was no switching due to how completely different they looked from me and my husband. But this was just the tip of the hospital experience!

I had my own private room with bathroom, in a hospital that has only 64 private rooms and only 4 were occupied that night. I had a C-section, and the nurses were so kind and took great care of me. My mom arrived in time of the delivery and waited in my comfy room.

After my son was born and I was able to walk and eat again, the hospital includes a 3 course dinner for mommy and daddy with wine and candlelight.


My second son was born in Antigua, Guatemala. This makes a big difference if you’re giving birth in the City. Guatemala city’s prices are $4,000 for almost the same experience I had in Antigua, only in Antigua it cost me $1,200, plus I had a private nurse service that was round the clock for the 3 days and nights I was there. Besides having a private room in a hospital with 12 rooms in total!

My son was the only one born that night, they immediately put him in my room with the nurse that took care of him while I recovered my second C-section.

Once again, my mom arrived for the delivery and told me that I am one spoiled girl!


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