IMG_4510smallSince being here, we have enjoyed learning about a new culture, tasting new foods, and exploring our new surroundings. During the past eight months, we’ve also had time to settle in and get a pretty good idea of what is available and what is not when it comes to items from “home”. While I’m sure we haven’t explored EVERY store out there, we’ve hit a few major ones looking for items we miss. I know, I know…we moved to a new country for the experience, not to bring everything but the kitchen sink with us. But you DO end up missing things, and it’s those little things that can put a smile on you or your family’s face during a home sick period of time.

Thankfully, we’ve had family and friends come to the rescue for us! I think, to date, we’ve had six good-sized packages sent to us over the eight months from family and friends. Some have been surprises, while others have been requested items that we WANTED…not NEEDED. What, you might ask, would we really miss and go through the effort of having sent over here? Glad you asked, because if I tell you, chances are A) someone local here will read it and tell me where to find it HERE or B) someone will be relocating here and want to know these juicy tidbits before coming!


  • Tapatio hot sauce…and we were sent the BIG Costco size!
  • Red Vines…yes, it has to be Red Vines…and our friends sent us the BIG tub from Costco!
  • “Westernized” Vanilla Chai Tea powder…however, I have become very fond of Tea Masala (the original Chai from India), and now Westernized teas tastes WAY too sweet
  • Toys…this may sound strange, but when Transformers cost you an arm and a leg here…you want them from home! Also, board games…any games! They are very expensive here to purchase unless you hit a major sale.boardgame
  • Tampons…ha, ha, ha! Ok, so caught you off guard here. But, ladies…I know many of you are either a) used to and prefer a certain brand/style or b) used to buying in bulk. So, here…there’s no bulk like Costco! So, you’re forced to buy tiny boxes that are too expensive. Hey, they’re light…use them like packing popcorn! LOL!
  • Movies…movies are VERY expensive here! Of course there’s a secret society of illegal copies around, but if you’re keeping your hands clean, you don’t want to pay the outrageous prices for your movies! So, we have many sent from home.
  • Green Apple Tic Tacs…such a personal taste, but one that I miss. So, I had many packs of them brought back to me from someone who visited back home.
  • Clothes…I think this one comes down to personal choice, comfort of something you’re used to, and how much you want to pay. We miss Old Navy and Children’s Place for our kids…and Costco’s pajama sets! Of course you can find children’s clothes here, but for my taste, they are too “blinged” out and cheaply made. I managed to find an Osh Kosh, but it’s pretty pricey here…not like the outlets back home. So, we have a few things sent here and there to mix in with the stuff I buy here.
  • Crystal Light…I’ve seen Tang galore here, but I have yet to find Crystal Light. Sadly, my husband can’t drink it due to migraines, but I had some sent for me.
  • Infant Dye-Free Children’s Tylenol/Advil…I miss dye free stuff, and miss knowing the product. We have found substitutions, but still dyed. Again, personal preference.redvines
  • HOMEOPATHY!!! I came over with 9lbs of Hyland’s and Boiron homeopathy, and I’m SO glad I did. It’s hard to find…still haven’t found it. We use them for everything. Also, Rescue Remedy…I brought a lot of it.
  • Vitamins!!! I always ordered healthy vitamins for my kids, along with probiotics and Omegas. Vitamins, even in the health stores here, still have all the sugar. So, I have ours sent to us for the kids. My husband and I use NuSkin’s vitamins, so again, we have those shipped to us.
  • Season All…not so funny when you cook with it a lot and can’t find it!
  • Nalgene bottles…I am a plastic freak…I just want to fully trust the one I’m drinking from.
  • DEET insect repellent for upcoming travel…I need to good stuff for some of these places we plan on going to.
  • Clear Vanilla and Almond Extract…I bake a lot, need I say more?

We are loving living here. It’s the adventure of a lifetime. It’s just nice to have the comforts of home sent occasionally…like putting on warm fuzzy slippers. Now, if someone can figure out how to overnight really good Mexican food, I’d be all over that!


What are some things you think you might miss from home?