Holland Holidays‘Tis the season to enjoy a number of wonderful holiday events and activities that are the whole family can enjoy. From Christmas markets to tree lightings to festivals, here are a few seasonal activities available throughout Holland.

Maastrict – A highway of lit streets takes you through Magical Maastricht, connecting the city’s squares, leading from one Christmas market to the next, one event to another; including ice rinks, cultural programs and world class shopping and gastronomy.  In addition to Christmas markets, Magical Maastricht also presents Christmas concerts, theater productions and art exhibited in the city’s streets, squares and museums.

Valkenburg – Valkenburg, in the south of the Netherlands, is home to some very unique Christmas markets set inside caves.  Stalls filled with your typical Christmas market fare – gluhwein, ornaments and other holiday treats and candy – line the underground pathway and are tucked into the nooks of the rock. 

Amsterdam- Through January 8, Winter Magic Amsterdam celebrates the season with a number of water and light events, including the Christmas Canal Parade, when dozens of Amsterdam’s canal tour boats, sail through the city’s historic canals. 

Deventer – Go back in time to the 19th century, as more than 900 characters from the works of Charles Dickens’ come to life. The annual Dickens Festival takes place December 17 and 18 in Deventer, the Netherlands and some of the English author’s most beloved characters, including David Copperfield, Oliver Twist and, of course, Scrooge, will inhabit the Dutch town.

Voorburg – The Christmas Decoration exhibit at the Hofwijck Museum in Voorburg displays ornaments from different regions from the 19th century to 1960, with special attention given to decorations from the Netherlands.