Tikal National Park is one of the most important touristic sites of Guatemala. It’s the first protected area of Guatemala but also this was the most important metropolis of the Mayan Civilization. Filled with wildlife and hidden Mayan temples, uncovered or still buried, this is without a doubt one of the most popular areas to visit among nature lovers and is also a great option for a fun family excursion.

This park is huge and almost impossible to be explored in one day, especially with children because there is a lot of walking to be done. However it is an easy walk because the terrain is flat, there is no going walking up to mountains. So my advice is to visit the most important areas of it. That way you get to enjoy nature & the ruins.

The places I recommend visiting are:

– The main plaza – Where you will find the famous Grand Jaguar Temple.

– The ball court – Where Mayans used to play their ceremonial ball game and the losers had to be sacrificed.

– Walk in the middle of the jungle – In here you will find huge, ancient trees, you will be able to watch wild turkeys running around & see and hear the loud howler monkeys.

– Climb temple IV – This is the highest temple of the compound from where you get to see the whole place over the forest canopy.

If your kids are anything like mine they will love having an adventure in a jungle pretending they are the explorers of a lost world.  

Plus, this is where the first Star Wars was filmed!

Marina K. Villatoro is an expat living with her family and traveling in Central America. Read more facts about Tikal National Park, Guatemala.