Mexico is a beautiful country with beautiful people. Over the last 10 years the media has instilled a fear in us in regards to traveling there. Living in San Diego, we are just 20 minutes from the border so it’s easy for us to visit Mexico. Once across the border, a 30-minute drive down the coast reveals gorgeous beaches, copious amount of local culture and amazing food.

Visit Mexico: It’s Good for Kids

La Fonda, Mexico, is a lovely local beach town surrounded by cliffs. Photo credit: Sara Pittman/Frugal TravelingMom

La Fonda, Mexico, is a lovely local beach town surrounded by cliffs. Photo credit: Sara Pittman/Frugal TravelingMom

My children are open to new experiences and are for the most part, adventurous eaters. Being able to see and touch the shellfish took away any apprehension there may have been in regards to eating them. We have enjoyed multiple trips into Baja California with our family and will continue to do so. Whether it’s just a day at the beach or a week long vacation, there is beauty, relaxation, adventure and culture for everyone who seeks it.

We enjoy frequent visits to La Fonda, Mexico, a local beach town surrounded by cliffs. Quiet and secluded, this beach has great waves, an abundance of sea life that are extremely rare to find on our beaches at home, and

kids will find plenty to like during a visit to Mexico.

My Daughter Reese with a Pismo Clam that she came across while shuffling her feet in the surf. Photo Credit: Sara Pittman-Frugal TravelingMom


an extremely low tide that allows them to be discovered.

What to Eat When You Visit Mexico

The food is amazing…I think I already mentioned that. Restaurants and taco stands are EVERYWHERE. Blink and you miss one.  This beach in La Fonda is known as “K58.” Just above the beach on the cliffs is a restaurant that will deliver your order beach side with a smile.

What a way to enjoy your meal right!? Fresh caught clams with all the fixings. Yes please.

Or how about a cocktel de camarones y pulpo? (shrimp cocktail with octopus) Our family’s absolute favorite dish, it’s refreshing and savory, packed with protein and vibrant flavors.

Stay at Rosarito Beach

Stay at Rosarito Beach when you visit Mexico

View of our room from the pier at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Photo credit:Sara Pittman / Frugal TravelingMom

If exploring food and culture at your leisure sounds like too much for your first go round, I suggest staying in nearby Rosarito Beach.

An abundance of shops and restaurants await you. The Rosarito Beach Hotel is my favorite spot for a weekend getaway. It is a gated resort offering spa treatments, horseback riding, ATV rentals, beach access and a restaurant and bar on site.

All rooms provide ocean views, but you want to stay in the Pacific towers. Trust me! While a little more pricey, these rooms have all been remodeled and upgraded. In my opinion, the accommodations in the other towers do not even compare.

All Rosarito Beach shopping and activities are within walking distance. The resort concierge will be able to answer all of the questions you may have regarding food, fun and safety. Stop at the front desk and ask!


Getting There

Getting there can be stressful for a first timer. Drive cautiously! You are in another country. Take a deep breath and bring your patience along for the ride.

visit Mexico

Photos by Sara Pittman / Frugal TravelingMom

Once you cross the border into Mexico, stay to the right and merge onto the highway 1 toll road (cuota). You will pass two toll booths and pay a total of $4.40, which is worth every penny. The toll is the safest route and is the fastest way to your destination.

Specific directions are explained in the Rosarito Beach Hotel link above. Print them out for reference. When you check out, the resort will give you printed out directions for returning home. The hotel also offers a border fast pass option on a first come, first serve basis. It allows you to cross back into the U.S without waiting in the sometimes 2 hour line. Take advantage of this if you can!

Visit Mexico to Slow Down

For me, these trips to Baja allow me to slow down and soak up life. For my children, these vacations expose them to new culture, language, and food. It introduces them to the kindness and generosity of the local community and is a reminder to keep an open mind, celebrate diversity, and enjoy a simpler way of life.

Where your favorite place in Mexico? Tell us in the comment section below.