Hate traveling, and the journey isn’t what it used to be?  But once you arrive, stand in line, wait for your luggage, and go through customs, love the destination? Have you experienced Club Mobay in Jamaica? Luxe TravelingMom says you should!  With Club Mobay, travelers can experience hassle free travel in Jamaica. Read on for the Traveling Mom scoop.

how can I have hassle free travel in jamaica with club mobay

Take the Hassle out of Travel with Club Mobay

I have this love/hate relationship with travel. While I love to travel, I hate the hassle of the airports and transfers. While I love the flight and once I get there, I don’t like the lines and crowds one bit. Jamaica, well, really Club Mobay in Montego Bay and Club Kingston in Kingston have magically removed the hassle out of what I don’t like. From the minute you walk off the plane to the minute you arrive back at the airport, Club Mobay is as easy and smooth as the Jamaican breeze.

During a recent trip to Jamaica, my journey became so much less stressful and oh, so easy when I discovered a favorite new way to travel. My experience was with Club Mobay at the Montego Bay airport, but Club Kingston offers very similar services and amenities.

There are four different options available through both Clubs.  You can purchase Arrival, Departure, Bundle, or Club access only. I highly suggest you get the Club Mobay Bundle Service for your family. If traveling with a larger group, you can contact them directly for options and pricing.  Read on for the details.

Arrival Meet and Greet at Club Mobay

Upon arrival, a Club Mobay agent greets travelers immediately upon entering the airport. As you make your way off your flight, look for someone holding a paddle with your name. That’s when your travel experience gets easier as agents then escort travelers through a dedicated immigration and customs’ lanes.

what are some of the advantages to club moray such as meet and greet

Greeted by the team at Club Mobay. Photo credit Club Mobay.

Collect your luggage and follow your new best friend (the Club Mobay agent) to the Arrival Lounge. Relax and wait in comfort for transportation to your destination. The Arrival Lounge has all the necessary amenities, including snacks, drinks, wifi, and private restrooms; a personal favorite after a long flight.

Club Mobay Arrival only (Meet and Greet) Fees

  • Montego Bay
    • Adult $50
    • Child (2-12) $25
  • Kingston
    • Adult $35
    • Child (2-12) $15

Departure at Club Mobay

Return to the airport and check in with your airlines as usual. Once checked in, find your way to the Club Mobay departure desk. From here, enjoy a fast track through immigration and security. Then proceed directly to the Club Mobay Lounge.

The Departure Lounge has additional amenities like a sound controlled playroom, a spa, and more. The lounge itself is big with many different areas set up for families, groups, and quiet areas. Enjoy a variety of food from fresh fruits to Jamaican classics. Club Mobay Food and Drink Menu can be found here.

what are some of the amenities offered at club mobay such as a kids' play area

The kids play area at Club Mobay. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe Traveling Mom.

Club Mobay offers wonderful cocktails, and, of course, free wifi. If you want to call home before you depart, those calls are free, too.

Club Mobay Departure only fees:

  • Montego Bay
    • Adult $30
    • Child (2-12) $15
  • Kingston
    • Adult $25
    • Child (2-12) $15

The Bundle at Club Mobay

The Club Mobay Bundle Service offers both arrival and departure in Jamaica and access to the lounge. At the time of purchase, save yourself some time and energy and book the bundle. It may seem like a lot when you add it all up, but think about what you will spend in time, money, and nerves getting everyone in and out of the airport.

Where to grab a cocktail at Club Mobay at Montego Bay airport. Photo credit Club Mobay.

Where to grab a cocktail at Club Mobay at Montego Bay airport. Photo credit Club Mobay.

We highly suggest using the bundle service even if you have “free” entry into the lounge from Priority Pass or the like. The benefit of the escort upon arrival and expedited departure is well worth the cost!

  • Montego Bay
    • Adult $80
    • Child (2-12) $40
  • Kingston
    • Adult $60
    • Child (2-12) $30

Club Access at Club Mobay

You do not have to use the Arrival and Departure services to have Club access. There are many ways to use the lounge as a walk-in. If you are flying First/Business Class on a partner airline you may have free access as well as with Priority Pass and other travel cards like Diner Card.

When are you headed to Jamaica?