choconoy-roller-coasterSince moving to Guatemala I am constantly in awe of what this country has to offer for family fun. So this was another big surprise to me that the largest amusement park in Central America is located here!

The park is actually divided into an amusement park with electric rides and a huge waterpark, so to make our life easy, we got a hotel for over night.

Well I have to say, just the grounds of the hotels were a playground for us, with pools that were 2 levels, slides that went on forever and full on luxury hotels.

The first day we took a little train to Xetulal which is a small amusement park, but designed with different plazas from all over the world. Considering that the majority of Guatemalas will never have the opportunity to visit Europe, I’d have to say they can get a great taste for Italy, Spain, Germany and France right here! Plus, the rides were well done and that will keep people from 5 to 60 pretty happy.

The following day we visited Xocomil, the famed waterpark! I’m sure waterpark junkies will love this place, but we are simply not the waterpark type fans. It was simple choas with people running around everywhere. And maybe if my son was 9 years old we could have enjoyed it more, but 90% of the rides were for older kids. However, this worked out in our favor, since we’re not into crowds, my son decided he wanted to go back our hotel and simply enjoy the slide.


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