Beijing Sunwah movie theaterGoing to the movies with or without kids in Beijing can be an enjoyable and affordable experience. Movies might inspire travel but travel overseas can inspire wanting to go to the movies. Whether you are traveling with your family in China or living in Beijing, check out these options.

We often go to the Sun Wah Kadokawa movie theater at DaZhongSi near our home, mostly because my husband gets groupons that mean we pay all of $3 or so a ticket. It is very clean and comfortable. The only downside is they only sell the sweet caramel popcorn.
We took one of our 6-year-old twins to this cinema to see “Happy Feet 2” and, despite the fact it was the Chinese version and he fell asleep, it was a good experience. There are also a variety of eating option in the Dazhongsi complex, from Pizza Hut to hot pot.
Other good Beijing movie theater options I‘ve heard about include Mega Box. They have two cinema locations in Beijing that I know of, a popular expat location in Sanlitun and one at Zhongguancun. Follow the link to find out more about discount days and membership, which gives you huge discounts. This is a very affordable option and a huge advantage is salted popcorn!

Another Beijing movie theater that also offers discount days is Xin Dong’An at Wangfuging. 

To make sure you are seeing the original language, look for the characters ?? (Chinese subtitles). And be aware too that in China you book your seats when you buy a ticket, so for popular movies, buying the tickets early is a good idea.