room-layoutDreaming of a family vacation in London? Then you probably know that hotel prices can be a rude awakening. Instead of spending your entire travel budget on a hotel, why not consider a vacation rental? Renting an apartment or house with enough bedrooms for the entire family is a great alternative to staying in, and paying for, separate rooms in a hotel and is an easy way to cut expenses.

I recently stayed in a London apartment booked through the European vacation rental agency Go With Oh, and here are some of the reasons why I recommend the experience to other families.

Save money – Paying for separate rooms in a hotel to accommodate your family isn’t the only thing that can eat up your travel budget. So can actually eating. Overpriced hotel breakfasts and expensive restaurant meals can quickly deplete your vacation budget. A vacation rental with a fully equipped kitchen will allow you to save considerable money by eating meals or snacks in your own kitchen.

Flexibility – Many vacation rental agencies require guests to arrive and depart on a certain day with a minimum stay of one week. Go With Oh offers guests the flexibility of arriving any day of the week and to stay as long as they’d like.

Options – Guests can choose the number of bedrooms they want, the appliances and amenities that they absolutely must have, such as TV, Wi-Fi or laundry facilities on the premises, which helps save on packing too many clothes!

Space – In addition to offering more bedrooms to accommodate a family, a vacation rental can also offer more space than a hotel, providing a living area to relax, a bit of space for kids to move around and maybe even a little corner for parents to steal away with a magazine, book or just their own thoughts.

Go With Oh offers vacation rentals in a number of European cities, including Paris, Barcelona, Rome and Dublin. Visit the website for more information and for booking options.

Monique is a globetrotting wife and mom who doesn’t just want to travel the world, but wants to run it too. A native Californian, Monique has lived in Europe for more than a decade, using it as a launch pad to travel the globe with her family. 

Disclosure: My vacation rental in London was provided courtesy of Go With Oh. I was not asked to express any particular point of view, and as always, all thoughts and opinions are all my own.