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Everyone likes a treasure hunt, even if you aren’t playing pirates. Geocaching is a high tech treasure hunt where ‘cachers’ look for boxes of trinkets hidden in plain site. You’ve probably passed hundreds of geocache boxes and never realized they were there. In fact, there are over two million active caches around the world. Geocaching is a great, inexpensive family activity that can help kids explore a vacation destination, or even their hometown. You can even find caches at Walt Disney World!

Geocaching 101
To start a geocaching adventure, visit Register and explore online the caches in your neighborhood. Check out the caches in vacation destinations where you’ve been or would like to go. Once you’ve explored a little, download the free app on your phone and get ready for your first adventure. Still not sure what it’s all about? Take a look at our video below on what to expect.

What does a cache look like and what’s inside?
Geocaches are typically a green ammo box, but they can also be a Tupperware container, or something even more unusual, like a piece of wood or even chewed gum! Inside a geocache you’ll find a logbook and possibly a stamp pad. Make sure to log your find and see who else has found the cache. In addition to the logbook, a cache usually has small trinkets. Cachers are encouraged to choose something from the box, but also leave something of equal value in return.


Geocaching Games
Sometimes there is more to the treasure hunt than just a logbook and trinket. Georgia State Parks has a Geocaching program where participants can earn commemorative geo-coins or collectible trading cards. Sometimes you’ll find a travel bug in a geocache. Travel Bugs are dog tags that contain a unique tracking code. If you take one of these, go online and track where it’s been, log your find and send it on it’s way again in another cache. If you’re a real geocaching fan, consider attaching personalized travel fleas to the travel bug. Attaching a Travel Flea to a Travel Bug is like sending your business card along for the journey.

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