BeijingPlanetariumoutsideIf you’re in Beijing with the family, beef up your astronomical knowledge and interest at the Beijing Planetarium. It’s right across from the Beijing Zoo and Aquarium and can provide some fun indoor activities, including movies.
Make your way first to the ticket counter outside across from the entrance near the subway. If you only have time to visit the exhibits a 10 yuan ticket will get you inside. But there are some 3D or 4D movies you can buy tickets to that will also get you inside. Consider the actual planetarium show to learn about the hemispheres and constellations. This is better for slightly older children. BeijingPlanetariumshow

The indoor exhibits involve a lot of reading, in Chinese, but there is a fun planet that can be climbed through inside as well as the sun area that has some interactive games. In the basement is also a canteen with touristy priced but large portions of standard Chinese fare.

Take Exit D, head back behind the exit and you’ll see the planetarium looming over you. Tickets run 10 RMB, 7 for kids to see the exhibits. Movie prices (entrance included) range from 30 to 45 RMB. If you have time, head out to the right, right again then left and follow the crowds into the popular Zoo market for some good bargains. It’s also just one subway stop away from the National Library and Zizhuyuan Park