BeijingZooMarketBeijing has many local markets with great kids items that are fun to browse and bargain at during your family visit to Beijing. One popular Beijing market is the Zoo Market.

The Zoo Market is practically behind the Planetarium and across, surprisingly, from the Beijing Zoo. From the Beijing Zoo exit D, walk alongside the Planetarium and follow the crowds into the building behind the bus station. Or take a bus to the Beijing Zoo stop.

Once you get inside the Zoo Market, there are floors and rows of goodies. Men’s clothes, women’s clothes, kids’ clothes, toys, office supplies, shoes of all sizes. I know foreigners who buy most of their kids’ clothes here. When I went I was looking for sweatpants and they had them out for 29 RMB. I didn’t have the cash that day and ended up having to buy some closer to home for 50 RMB.

Of course as at any market use discretion as to product quality and safety and always bargain. But compared to the products and prices in supermarkets and department stores, there’s no beating the markets in Beijing. At most of them you can also take a break from your shopping to get your nails or hair done.