Photo Credit: Heather B./ Expat TravelingMom

Photo Credit: Heather B./ Expat TravelingMom

Expansive, high-end touches, options galore and kid friendly…that’s what this resort has going for it.  Completely steeped in Bali tradition, the Padma Resort Legian will satisfy all senses.  You might get lost while walking around the grounds of this resort, but no matter where you are, you’ll find beautiful touches such as statues, gardens, eating areas and relaxing spaces.  About a 20 minute drive from the airport, nestled in the midst of busy Kuta, you’ll feel like you’ve escaped to your ultimate tropical getaway.


Photo Credit: Heather B/Expat TravelingMom. Little Miss learning how to cook mixed rice.

What Works for Families

  • Kids’ pool with slides, Family lagoon-style pool , Main pool and Kids’ Club with tons of activities from morning till night such as art, board games, fish feeding, swimming and more.
  • Two room suites featuring a triple bunk bed for families of 5!
  • Cooking classes for two, perfect activity for my budding chef and me
  • Airport pick up and drop off, with early morning breakfast boxes if needed
  • HUGE morning buffet with more options than you or your kids will ever need

What Doesn’t Work for Families

While you really can’t complain about this resort, as they try to cater to everyone and every taste, we found the eating options limited when traveling as a family of five on a budget.  S.K.A.I. Beach Club wasn’t really kid friendly come evening and the portion were small but pricey!  The morning buffet at DONIBU was great, but when it came to lunch and dinner, we found ourselves ordering room service and sharing some pizzas and such to save a buck or two.  The Deli was perfect for some affordable ice cream scoops, but again, food added up quickly when feeding five mouths.

Photo Credit: Heather B/ Expat TravelingMom

Photo Credit: Heather B/ Expat TravelingMom

The Hotel

TMOM Travel Disclosure
To simply refer to this hotel as beautiful would not do it justice.  The lobby took my breath away with a gorgeous piece of artwork welcoming you in, and the most amazing wood work with the beams, roofs and walkways.  Even the bridge leading you out of the lobby while crossing a koi pond was beautiful.  The gardens are lush and plentiful…you feel like you’re in the middle of a tropical rainforest.

My kids loved all of the massive statues found throughout the grounds, sort of like a treasure hunt.  Make sure you find the serpent dragon!  Walking around was a little exhausting, as we were put in one far end of the hotel (closest to the kids’ pool), while the beach, main pool and other restaurants were clear on the other side.  If my kids were to try and navigate this place alone, they’d surely get lost.

The kids’ pool offered a few different slide options, some water features and it was right next to the kids club (even though swim clothes are not allowed inside.)


Photo Credit: Heather B/Expat TravelingMom

The Rooms

I know we’ve stayed in some pretty decked out hotel rooms in our lifetime of traveling…from themed, to nightly treats being delivered to XBOX and PS3 on hand, but having a triple bunkbed really impressed the kids and myself.  Better yet, it was in a separate room with its own bathroom so that the adults could have their own space.  Genius.  A Family Room like this runs about $400 a night, including breakfast, but catch them when they are running a deal and you could get up to 40% off or free nights!  The only downside to the location of our room was that being on the far end of the resort, closest to the city, we had a lot of street noise at night with partying and yelling on one side of the room, and lots of pool noise from the kids’ pool on the other side of the room.  Overall, couldn’t complain as it was the perfect setup for our family.

The Dining

As mentioned before, dining is pricey at this resort, so plan wisely and go off site for some meals.  If you stay onsite, indulge in the morning buffet (which has an amazing beetroot juice and gluten free baked goods).  Then treat yourself to the Tenkai Family Buffet evening where you can fill yourself up with some amazing teppanyaki (you choose your meats/fish and veggies and watch is being cooked), soup, satay, sushi, fruit and dessert.  There’s a traditional fire dance as well.  It was a really fun night for the kids, one they still talk about today.


This resort really encapsulates the word ‘indulgent’, but it was such a unique experience that I couldn’t really find fault with it overall.  Make sure you leave the resort, as just outside the gates you’ll find yourself right in the middle of a shopper’s and diner’s smorgasbord. It’s nice to have a mini-mart and souvenir markets so close, especially when you need to stock up on some gifts the night before your flight leaves! I’d come back again and enjoy every minute as its not every day you’re in Bali, let alone such an amazing resort.