Photo credit: Jyl Johnson Patee

Photo credit: Jyl Johnson Patee

Whether you have taken a European family vacation several times or you are planning your first trip, booking a place to stay is always going to be on your to-do list. The good news is that you have several good lodging choices for a European family vacation: hotels, bed and breakfasts, or apartment/home rentals. But, if you’re looking for an authentic experience at a great rate, renting an apartment or home with a company like Airbnb is the perfect lodging choice for families of all sizes and for any budget.

European Family Vacation with Airbnb

While there are many benefits to booking with a European family vacation with Airbnb, these five reasons top my list:

  1. Many places are family friendly, offering things like pack ‘n plays or cribs. Check the amenities or send a message to the host prior to booking to see the options.
  2. You get what you see with an Airbnb. The pics online are very representative of what you’ll be getting. The online reviews are honest. The amenities are clear. If they say they’ll have heat, free parking, and can accommodate 4 people, they can. If they don’t say they have an elevator and you’re on the 5th floor, you’ll be carrying your luggage up five flights of stairs. So, read the amenities carefully and choose according to what you need.
  3. Photo credit: Jyl Johnson Patee

    Photo credit: Jyl Johnson Patee

    At many places, the hosts will have a variety of standard items available for use at no additional charge: coffee maker, utensils, shampoo, extra bedding, and blow dryers. You can’t count on these unless noted in the amenities, but we have found that this has been the norm in most of the places we have stayed.

  4. Hosts will often guide you into town with very specific instructions that often beat Google Maps. In some instances, some guests have been known to have been picked up at airports. In three instances on our 25-day family road trip through Europe, our hosts met us at a well known/easy-to-find spot and then had us follow them back to their apartment or home. Benefits of Airbnb like this make for a stress relieving experience. And sometimes, you get a nice personal touch, like a small gift or something to eat and/or drink upon arrival.
  5. One of the best benefits of Airbnb for me was the time it took to research properties and book them was minimal.

Not sold yet on Airbnb as the best of all lodging choices for a European family vacation? Check out my post on for 10 additional reasons to book with Airbnb.

Disclosure: I was NOT compensated in any form or fashion for staying with Airbnb on our European family vacation. These tips and my glowing recommendation are based on my personal opinion, having paid for the nights and after trying all lodging options presented in this post.

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