Havana CubaCuba is opening its doors to tourists and things are changing, but the country still is not a mainstream tourist destination. Cheap vacations in Cuba are easy to research and book online, with plenty of sites offering advice and help in planning your itinerary.

Here are just a few reasons Cuba should be considered for a vacation, although it’s likely best to travel there without the kids. At least for now.

Havana Has Heart … And Rum

Havana, Cuba, is exciting, charming and filled with crumbling buildings and an irresistible 1950s vibe.

Although Cuba isn’t known for its cuisine, Havana is home to several great private restaurants, known as paladares. Usually found in grandiose but dilapidated old mansions, they offer good food at great prices.

But it will be the atmosphere, the visual decadence and the rum that will be highlights of your visit to Havana.

Rum is the tipple of choice in Havana. Locally called Ron, the rum in Havana is actually cheaper than water, which is bizarre in itself. Try the Museo del Ron Havana Club for some amazing cocktails. Or drink where Hemingway did, at El Floridita.

Havana Music and Dance

Every place you go in Havan, no matter the time of day, you’ll hear music. And there are plenty of places to go dancing with the locals. Jump in a cab and ask the driver to take you somewhere to dance and you won’t be disappointed. A sure-fire stop: the square in Casa de la Musica, where there is nearly always a crowd salsa dancing.

Photo credit: Jorge Royan / http://www.royan.com.ar

Sarah Fielding is a writer based in Yorkshire, UK.


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