Dreamland-Aqua-ParkWhen it’s pretty much summer all year long in the UAE, water parks are the one thing you can find plenty of anywhere you are.  My family and I, along with a group of friends, recently visited another water park in the UAE called Dreamland Aqua Park. This water park is located out in the middle of nowhere, as are many here in the desert, in the town of Umm Al Quwain. Our only water park adventure for our family thus far has been at Atlantis Aquaventure, so we only had that with which to compare.

(The first tip I’ll give you is to make sure it’s not a holiday when using your coupons! We found out the hard way…a group of twenty standing in line with our coupons, and we weren’t allowed to use them. Nowhere on our coupons did it say excluded on holidays, so check before you go.)

As for the park itself, it covers a very large area of land, with enough space to accommodate 7,000 visitors per day.  With all this land comes the need for landscaping!  I commented more than once on the number of trees providing shade throughout the park. It’s rare to have so many trees around you at any given point here in the UAE except for maybe in Al Ain). That made it nice for quick breaks from the sun for adults and kids alike, but it also lead to tree bits floating in the water and pools, and pieces at the bottom sticking to your feet. I guess you give and take when you’re in the desert, but perhaps the big awnings would be a good partnership with the trees.

The park had many slides for all ages to enjoy. There was a pitch black enclosed slide, a family rafting slide and one that acted like a toilet bowl flushing and spitting you out on the other end! For the little ones we found a large kiddie splash play area with a giant climbing structure that sprayed water, had slides and entertained children for long periods of time.   There were even some pools that allowed lounging around or roughing it up in the waves.  They even have bumper boats!  In the middle of the park was a small and very quiet lazy river, which circled the bar! Yes, I said it, a bar onsite. They played a great selection of music, even kick backs to the 80s, and the children loved dancing while taking breaks from the excitement.Dreamland kids


On the far end of the park was a camping site, which offered log cabins or tents for those who wished to stay overnight and extend their water park adventures. The cabins seemed cute and well cared for, although we weren’t allowed in them, and they had grills for your food. The camping area also had it’s own kiddie play area for guests. Near to this area is the snack shack, which offered quite a good selection of food for both adults and children, even salads for the health conscious. The prices were not too bad, perhaps even lower than I would have expected.

Overall, I felt that the slides were a bit run down looking, and the park itself didn’t seem to reflect the admission prices. I think it’s a highly used water park with crowds attending weekly, and therefore, is showing signs of wear and tear. However, for what it is, in the middle of a desert, it’s a decent place to spend the day if you know what you’re going to get beforehand, and definitely has the right idea with a wide variety of entertainment for all ages.  You can find all the information on Dreamland Aqua Park here.