Victoria Falls Devil's Pool Photo credit: Kymri Wilt / Photo Traveling Mom

Victoria Falls Devil’s Pool, Zambia. Photo credit: Kymri Wilt / Photo Traveling Mom


Are they crazy or what?  This is a sure way to beat the heat while on an African safari – visit the Zambian side of Victoria Falls and head for the aptly named “Devil’s Pool.”  During part of the year, the water flow is just right and forms an eddy right at the edge of the falls, where adventurous tourists can take a plunge.

I wouldn’t personally endorse this adrenaline rush activity – I stayed well away, in fact, I was photographing them safely from the other side of the gorge in Zimbabwe!  But it was HOT, and I admit they looked to be enjoying their cool dip, as I melted in the heat. Just looking at this image certainly cools me down.

Perhaps better alternatives are found at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and water parks, don’t you think? How close would you get to the edge of a waterfall?