blogs113Let me explain: going to Club Med with your family is a great idea. There is something for everyone.  The kids will love it. It’s not particularly luxurious, but it’s relaxed, and fun, and usually in a beautiful spot. But for us, now that our kids are older, it was kind of like going on a vacation without the kids.

See, Club Med has Baby Club Med, Mini Club Med, and for older kids (11 –17) The Ramp. Once kids are that age, there’s no signing them in, there’s no constant supervision. What there is is a great balance between supervised activities and the freedom to come and go and the kids choose.

And my kids chose to go.To the ramp. A lot.

But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at this:



And she wasn’t the only one who loved the trip.  We’re even thinking of going back with the entire extended family for Grandma’s (big) birthday celebration.

And for someone who doesn’t like to go to the same place twice…that’s pretty much the best praise there is.