totemCirque de Soleil is in Amsterdam with the European premiere of Totem. Billed as “ A Fascinating Journey Into The Evolution Of Mankind” Totem uses choreography and set and costume design to evoke the show’s theme.  Walking into the tent, the first thing you notice is a large oval framework that encompasses the stage.  The structure represents the turtle, an important totemic animal that carries the weight of the world on its shell, and also serves as acrobatic equipment.

The costumes are based on intense research into real animals, birds and traditional cultural designs and the choreography, specifically the numbers performed by the Amerindian Dancer, was influenced by tribal ceremonies and helped bring the theme to life.

My youngest daughter loved the theme, having recently learned about totem poles in schools, however both my daughters were completely mesmerized, and have been inspired to challenge themselves a bit more in gymnastics class. I may have a future Cirque du Soleil performer or two on my hands.  CDS is in Amsterdam through December 22. For ticket information visit the website.