China_DisneylandThe so-called Beijing Disneyland is mired in controversy but is still a great place to pass a few hours with the kids when in a strange land. The park is actually called Shijingshan Amusement Park. It charges a moderate admission fee and then tickets are purchased from booths in the park.

China_Disneyland2My twins were just turning three, and there were a lot of rides they couldn’t go on yet, but they enjoyed the tall ferris wheel and various other small spinning things. It was quiet, a blessing in China, and the general Disney atmosphere was very enjoyable. 

China_Disneyland1Nevertheless, in the Chinese habit of pirating, the castle and park characters look suspiciously familiar. The park administrators of course denied any wrongdoing and claimed their Mickey was just a “big-eared mouse.” 

To me, it’s all part of the China experience, and if you end up there with small kids, it makes for a fun day out.