copanCopan, Honduras
has been the most affordable family vacation we have ever gone on. While we were there we were able to do many family activities. The exchange rate and overall low costs enabled us to have twice as much fun as we would in a US location. Right now the exchange rate is $1 US dollar to $18 Lempiras.

Copan_Ruins_stepsNormally on a family vacation our budget only allows for a few activities. Here in Honduras the same budget allows us to go on a many activities plus a few lavish activities. Here are some of the things we were able to do and what it cost our family of five to do them.

  • Go on a tour of the Copan Ruins with a private tour guide and visit Museum of Mayan Sculpture – $63
  • Take a day trip to the hot springs (Aguas Termales) where we got to hang out in the private area. Afterwards they provided an awesome bar-b-que dinner of grilled chicken, steak, vegetables, pico de gallo, garlic toast, tortillas, and beans.   $100
  • Los Sapos Canopy Tour which is made up of 14 zip lines – $140
  • Two hour Horseback riding up the mountain and back down – $60
  • 3 night stay over major holiday weekend at Hotel Camino Maya – $210
  • Observing the traditional making of  Sand Carpets – free

An added bonus was nice meals, all at a great price.   Our most expensive meal was less than $35 including drinks and tip.


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