Travel settles in your blood, an inescapable yearning so strong that it envelops your thoughts even while sleeping. Unstoppable Traveling Mom has cultivated this love in her children. So when two of her older teens approached her with plans to travel to Puerto Rico, her heart soared.  Puerto Rico is a destination with such rich culture, beautiful weather, some of the best beaches in the world, and  ripe with amazing adventures. Her teens took on the challenge of an adventure, a Caribbean Sunset Cruise in San Juan.

Sunset Cruise

Looking off toward Old San Juan from the Schooner, Amazing Grace. Photo Credit: Kady Kellogg

Puerto Rico Adventure: Sunset Cruise

Imagine for one second the following: You have just turned 18 years old, traveling for the first time out of the country without your parents.  You persuade your 19-year-old brother to go with you to Puerto Rico, because, really, that’s the only way your parents will allow you to go.  Then two of your mutual friends jump on board and ditch school and work because they, even at their young ages, see the adventure as life changing.

Amazing, no?  I’ll tell you, as a mother, it was amazing for me to watch, and out of this world for them to experience.

Planning the Adventure

The four of them spent time scouring the Internet for amazing things to do, and there are so many. From high adventure, like an Adventure Tour in the Rainforest to exploring Old San Juan and surfing the gorgeous beaches of the coastline.

But one particular adventure captured their attention. It was not an adrenaline high or a test of their athleticism … in fact it was out of character, but at the same time, so in character.  The adventure?

The Puerto Rico sunset was out of this world beautiful.

The Puerto Rico sunset was out of this world beautiful. Photo Credit: Kady Kellogg

A Caribbean Sunset Cruise with East Island Excursions. I should have known it would speak to my daughter, Kady.  She is a photographer and lover of all God’s creations, and a Caribbean Sunset Cruise would speak directly to her soul. And the drinks and appetizers served on the vessel would surely work for the boys, right?  And so, the Sunset Cruise was booked with anticipation and excitement.

The Sunset Cruise Vessel

Sunset Cruise

The day was stormy, offering a photographers dream sunset! Photo: Kady Kellogg

Admittedly, I am no sailing scholar, though it is something every single one of us has expressed an interest in learning. It just seems such an incredible way to tour, to learn about an area and in particular, the best way to experience a Caribbean Sunset!!! 

At any rate, the name of the vessel (I don’t know whether to call it a ship, a boat or a sailboat, so vessel it is) was  “Amazing Grace.”  I thought that was such a fitting name for the sailboat that would sail toward dusk flying seven sails that can all be used in different combinations to suit the wind conditions.  

Sunset Cruise

The “Amazing Grace”, an 83′ Topsail Schooner. Photo Credit: Kady Kellogg

Now, education is something that comes naturally when traveling, and learning about this ship was extremely interesting. According to the website, “Amazing Grace”  is a “topsail schooner representative of the traditional American sailing crafts. These were the small vessels that fought the British in the War of Independence and again in 1812, both as ships of the U.S. Navy and as privateers. Many privateer vessels fought the pirates and were even captured, eventually to be used by the pirates themselves.”

How cool is that? History, y’all, is so much more interesting when not being forced out of a book!

The Tour

Sunset Cruise

It was a fun, exciting, peaceful and romantic setting in the Caribbean Seas! Photo Credit: Kady Kellogg

For my teens, the Caribbean Sunset Cruise was an unforgettable experience. They say it was serene and peaceful and at the same time, rejuvenating and exotic! I realize this description is that of an oxymoron, but they insist there is no other way to describe it.

Here’s how Kady tells the story:

As the ship sailed, relaxing, calming music poured out of the speakers, while guests enjoyed seafood appetizers and drinks.  A few landmarks were pointed out, but truly the reason for the tour was to experience the incredible indulgent Puerto Rican Sunset!  

And it was certainly incredible!  It was food for your soul, it reaffirmed all your dreams and aspirations.  And being on the water, on a fantastic sailboat of the coast of Puerto Rico was, indeed, exotic!

A Puerto Rican Sunset

The sunset that evening was one of the best of their trip. It had been a stormy day, and while the weather wasn’t ideal for strolls on the beach or tours of the city, stormy days mean uncomparable sunsets. As the photos show, this Caribbean Sunset was no exception!!  It was awe-inspiring and the kids say they felt incredibly blessed to be living that moment together.

And, not to mention, I heard from a little birdie that the Caribbean Sunset Cruise had the potential to be super romantic.  You know, if you had a significant other with you, which none of these four had …

Which reminds me, I’ve heard it said before, though I don’t know from where that “nowhere is more romantic than Old San Juan at sunset!”  Duly noted.

From the Sea

Aside from the unbelievable sunset, the teens say the views of Old San Juan from the sea were breathtaking.

As the sun went down the rays illuminated El Morro (dates back to 1539), La Forteleza (the oldest governor’s mansion on US soil) and the entirety of the City!

Sunset Cruise

El Morro is the sunset. Photo Credit: Kady Kellogg

And then, when the sun completely set, and darkness fell, they could see the lights of the entire coastline guiding the ship home. 

This was an experience I am so glad they got to have.  Most of their adventures are death defying stunts, but this Puerto Rico Sunset Cruise gave them the chance to really relax and appreciate where they were and to reflect on how blessed they were to have this opportunity.

What You Need To Know

When two teens take their first solo trip, they choose a sunset sail in Puerto Rico. Their mom shares their story, with just a little bit of jealousy.


What to Bring:  All beverages and food is included.  All you really need are comfortable shoes, sunblock and a camera!  

What is the Cost: Adults – $99; Children (4-11) – $79 Plus taxes in 2016

Important: Children under 3, pregnant women and travelers with back injuries may not sail.

Contact: Office 8-5 (787) 860-3434; Reservations: