HondurasThe Bay Islands of Honduras are probably one of the most beautiful islands one can visit in the Caribbean sea. The waters are crystal clear with some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world.

Roatan and Utila are the two most popular ones, but for family travelers I recommend Roatan. Utila is considered the second cheapest and best place in the world to dive and get your diving certificate. There is little place for just hanging out on the beaches.Roatan, on the other hand, has white sanded beaches with tons of activities for kids of all ages to enjoy. Find out some of the best things to do with your family in Honduras. 

And if you have time, head over to the mainland to see one of the most important Mayan Ruins in all of Meso America.Copan Mayan Ruins town is an adorable town with great country side and ruins that are small enough for the kids not to tire to quickly.{youtube}cAz8w4c1w-4{/youtube}