BurjviewwebI recently did something I never thought I’d be able to do! I stayed IN the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the World. This is something anyone can do for a once in a lifetime experience, and I highly recommend it if you ever get to come to Dubai. It allowed me to cross two things off my bucket list. 1) Staying in the tallest building in the World, and 2) private entries to places reserved for “special” people. Always wanted to know what that was like!

Thanks to Airbnb.com, I’m always searching for places to go that are unique while affordable and able to accommodate my family of 5! But this time, it was all about an adults night out…First Class! I found this listing offering a one night stay for $295. I know, I know, sounds like a lot for a one night stay…but you’re IN the Burj Khalifa!!! The view is of the Dubai fountains…breathtaking! The unit is a one bedroom for two people, but the living room can hold two more using an air mattress. We took it, shared it with another couple, and off we went!JHweb

We started by walking through private unmarked doors with the access card given to you, into the On the Top exhibit for the Burj which led to the Dubai Mall where we ate, shopped, and amped up on coffee so we could last through our exciting night ahead! We weren’t used to staying up late, so caffeine was needed! After getting dressed up for the evening, taking just a FEW pictures, we were off for a night on the town!

Our first stop was the Armani Hotel Lounge. The Armani Hotel is also part of the Burj Khalifa, and I hear quite expensive and hoity toity! We sat for drinks among other “important” looking people, receiving first class service. The rings, watches, hand bags, clothing of some of these people let you know you were among some classy company. After an hour of people watching and Cosmos, it was time for our next stop…The Armani Prive Nightclub.


JulieHeatherwebOn our way from the Lounge to the Nightclub, we needed to walk outside the lobby of the hotel. To our amazement, fifty Ferraris were waiting for us outside! Ok, not really for us, but we felt like it! There was a party for Ferrai in the hotel, so apparently everyone who owned one, brought it! The fifty we saw was only a fraction of them. Apparently there were over a hundred more downstairs in parking. So naturally, we took pictures with them. When else was I going to be that close to that many!

Our last stop of the night was to the Armani Prive Nightclub. I think the highlight was walkingBurjweb up to the line and being asked if I had a reservation. I handed over my access card, and they let us right in. Sweet! After yet another photo shoot…yes, we were giddy parents without children, we made our way into the club. You get inside, and there’s one massive LCD screen wall, and lots of tables. Each table had the BIGGEST bottle of vodka on it that I have ever seen, surrounded by glasses, nibbles, and some other “special” things for those guests. These are reserved tables. You can reserve a table for a mere 2,500AED…a mere $680 USD. We chose to NOT take that option and head outside where you could still people watch, still enjoy the music, sit in comfy couches, and have a bar right at your side. Every type of person walked in throughout the evening…young and old.

All in all, this is a must. The room we got gave us discounts at other lounges, restaurants, more private access to other parts of the Burj including the residence lounge, the gym and the pool. Grab your partner and maybe another couple, and go live it up in Dubai. You will not be disappointed!