Fly fishing is a great sport to engage the kids in family travel. Of course, it is not for everyone and it is rare to find an entire family unit happy to spend a vacation fly fishing. But for the families who love the sport, it is an amazing vacation. Not only do you have an activity for everyone to participate in, but the destinations are spectacular and located all over the world. Here are three recommendations for the best fly fishing destinations for family travel based on ease of getting there, accommodations, other activities, and of course, the food.

Belcampo Belize is one of the best fly fishing destinations for family travel.

Sunset at Belcampo in Belize. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe TravelingMom.

Our family developed a love of fly fishing only a few years ago. We have been multiple times since and know a great family adventure always awaits. But we love the destinations just as much as the actual sport. So, finding resorts that offer plenty of other activities to occupy our time and have great food is a must. Here are three that we love and I can personally vouch for our experience.

Best Flying Fishing Destinations for Family Travel

Belcampo Belize

Belcampo Belize is located in southern Belize in the town of Punta Gorda. The resort itself sits in the jungle. There’s a full farm that provides much of the food for the guests, a distillery, a spa, two pools, and so much more. But, the Belampo staff is what really makes your stay special. They are there to take care of you and have become like family to us. We suggest booking a package for your stay.

Since the jungle resort is not right on the water, we have to take a short ride into town to meet our fishing guides. They then take us on the Belize Barrier Reef and Flats off Belize to fish for tarpon, bone, and permit and we are in heaven.

One good fly fishing destinations for family travel is Belcampo Belize.

David and I enjoying a day on the boat at Belcampo Belize. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe TravelingMom.

Getting ThereBelcampo Belize is one of the easier international destinations, with many direct flights from the U.S. We leave our home on the 6 a.m. flight and are having lunch at Belcampo by 1:30 that afternoon. Once we arrive in Belize City, we board a Tropic Air flight for the short 45-minute beautiful flight to Punta Gorda. Sometimes they stop at another small airport or two and sometimes not. When we arrive at the resort, a member of the amazing staff is there to greet us and transport us to the Ridge. Getting to Belcampo Belize is half the romance.

Accommodations – There are four lodging options at the Ridge, even though it is a very small resort with just 16 rooms. We enjoy staying in one of the four Ridge Suites. On top of the Ridge, we felt all alone in the world. And the outside tub on the porch is the best. The other great option for families that we will book on our next trip is the Villa, with three bedrooms and amazing sunset views.

Other ActivitiesBelcampo Belize offers activities for everyone. We enjoy splitting our time between a few days of fishing and other activities. Our favorite experiences are Snorkel with the Chef and half days with Captain Jack, and then we love a farm tour, hiking, exploring the local area, trips to the caves, the spa, and so much more.

The Food – The food is incredible and there is something everyone will like. Enjoy a full breakfast before you head out for the day and you must have the Belize Breakfast! If you are out on the water, the kitchen will pack you a lunch as well as snacks. You will not go hungry! And dinner – oh, the dinners. All of the food is made with local products, freshly caught fish, and produce picked right on the farm.

What are the best fly fishing destinations for family travel? I explore my favorites and share the results!

Primland in Virginia

Primland is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Meadows of the Dan. You will literally fish waters few have ever fished, which are very protected. Here you can fish for wild brown, brook, and rainbow trout or in the stocked areas available for guests. What really makes Primland special is the land. You have your own 12,000 acre playground that is diverse and secluded. We suggest booking a package that meets all your needs.

There's more than just fly fishing at Primland. There's beauty, too!

An aerial view of the magnificent Primland resort. Photo credit Primland.

Getting There – Getting to Primland is just breathtaking. You can fly into Charlotte, Greensboro, or Roanoke and then either rent a car or arrange a transport to the resort. Depending on the airport, the ride is between an hour and an hour and a half. Once you arrive at the gates, you have an additional few hours on the private property to reach the lodge.

Accommodations – There are accommodations for every type of family at Primland, from rooms at the lodge to full houses. We highly suggest a a Fairway or Pinnacle Cottage or a Mountain Home when traveling with the family. You can still take advantage of all the activities and the lodge, but also have space to spread out.

Is Primland one of the best fly fishing destinations for family travel?

A Primland Lodge bedroom. Photo credit Primland.

Other Activities – There is no shortage of activities besides fly fishing. From tree climbing and horseback riding to RTV Trail Riding and Geocaching, there is not enough time to do it all. And don’t forget the award winning golf course and the spa, oh, the spa.

The Food – There are many dining options at Primland. Depending on the time of year, you can also enjoy the cookouts. For breakfast, you can enjoy room service, the buffet, or other menu items. For lunch we suggest eating at the 19th Pub outside which overlooks the greens and mountains. The menu can also be enjoyed at the clubhouse where most of the activities are located.

After fly fishing, I loved having a good meal.

The Chef’s Table at Primland resort. Photo credit Primland.

For family dinner, we suggest you take advantage of all the options, including a full Southern-focused meal at the Stables Saloon. But you can not miss dinner at Elements. Whether you leave the kids with room service and a sitter or take the foodie kids with you, the meal will be one you will never forget. You may also book the Chef’s Table at Elements for a added experience.

The Broadmoor in Colorado

The Broadmoor Fly Fishing Camp is located in Lake George, Colorado, 75 miles west of Colorado Springs. It borders the 120,000 acres of Lost Creek Wilderness. Here you’ll fish for wild brown, brook, and rainbow trout.

What really makes the Broadmoor Fly Fishing Camp special is the rustic luxury. We highly suggest a few nights on either end of your trip at The Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs enjoying all the resort offers. The dedicated staff and is family from the minute you arrive.

What are some fly fishing destinations good for family travel? My husband and I share our preferences.

David and I getting ready for a fly fishing adventure Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe TravelingMom.

Getting There – Getting to the Fly Fishing Camp is just beautiful. We suggest flying into Colorado Springs. Then you can either rent a car to drive out or the Broadmoor will arrange transportation for you in one of their vehicles.

Accommodations – The Fly Fishing Camp is located right on the river you fish! We call it rustic luxury, because just having the opportunity to stay at the location is a pure luxury. You can choose from a room with en suites or an authentic miner’s cabin, where you use the bathhouses. The finishes would rival some of the fanciest hotels we have stayed in. You can enjoy your cabin or gather in the main lodge and talk about your day and enjoy cocktails with the others.

Other Activities – Everyone in the family will want to be outside whether on the water fishing with your guide, hiking, horseback riding, or playing corn hole. Enjoy the evening campfires or spend some time learning or perfecting your fly tying. Or perhaps try dry land practice with the camp manager and hanging out watching the meals being prepared.

The Food – The chefs prepare each and every meal at Fly Fishing Camp with love and care from bites to desserts. What I really love is coming back to the lodge for lunch each day for a hearty meal. But some days I chose to stay at camp while my husband headed back out until dinner was served.

Dinners are special here. Not only do you get to enjoy a fabulous meal planned by the executive Ccef at the Broadmoor, but you get to dine with your fellow fly fishers at one big table. After dinner, we found ourselves hanging out around the campfire or enjoying cocktails in the lodge. The food is not what you would expect at a fly fishing camp, but at a 5-star resort.

Is the Broadmoor one of the best fly fishing destinations for family travel?

Photo credit the Broadmoor.

Next Fly Fishing Destinations

When we look to book our next fly fishing adventure, we always turn to our trusted friends at Orvis who always lead us to amazing locations. For 2018, we already have a cruise and Alaska Fly Fishing adventure planned with them for a 24-day total adventure. Some other amazing trips we will be looking into include:

South America

  • Remota Patagonia Lodge
  • Rio Mans


  • Tiamo Resort – South Andros Bahamas
  • Deep Water Cay – Grand Bahama
  • El Pescador – Belize


  • Hubbard’s Yellowstone Lodge – Montana – close proximity to the park, lots of non-angling activities (horseback, hiking, etc.)
  • High Lonesome Ranch – Colorado – Very Family focused – lots of activities for everyone
  • Brush Creek Ranch – Wyoming – tons of family activities to choose from