BeijingOlympicPark1The London Olympics may be over, but in Beijing the 2008 Games live on in the form of the Olympic Park. This is a long green area with lots of activities for the whole family, including the Olympic Forest Park.
I took the kids by subway around the light rail line 13 then down line 8 to the Olympic Forest Park South Gate stop. I thought we could enter from the north at the line 13 junction but was told to go down to the south gate. We ended up spending more time traveling than playing at the park, but the forest park area is huge and has tons of activities for kids and adults like surreys, boats and electric mini-cars. There is also a decent play area with rides.BeijingOlympicPark2

To see the Olympics remnants you have to go farther down the green to the water cube and bird’s nest. In the forest park is just the rings and a lot of green.

The Beijing Olympic Forest Park is at the north end of the whole Olympic Green and right at the northern subway exit from the South Gate stop of line 8. Admission is free but bring plenty of cash for the rides and cars/bikes (and food). To rent anything requires a 300 yuan deposit on top of the 40-100/hr rates.