beijingScience museums can be fun and educational for kids and Beijing’s China Science and Technology Museum is one where they can easily spend a day or two. It’s one of many fun kids’ activities at Beijing’s Olympic Green.

I took my seven-year-olds and we were given tickets for the museum’s “le yuan”, a giant educational play place. They spent more time sliding and climbing than learning, but it did include things like spraying water to put out a fire on a screen. There was an area for digging for dinosaur bones.

The grown-up part of the Science and Technology Museum is said to have plenty of interactive areas as well that older kids would enjoy and learn from. There are also 3D and 4D cinemas on the below-ground level. That is also where we ate lunch at a pizza restaurant that has a set menu. There is also a Chinese buffet.

The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday 9 am to 5 pm. Admission to the Play Place was 10 RMB for me and 20 for each of the kids.


This photo of China Science And Technology Museum is courtesy of TripAdvisor