froghopperA friend gave us three tickets to the Happy Valley Amusement Park, in eastern Beijing. But as it turned we only needed two. At 1.2 meters, our twins were right at the cutoff to get free admission. And at the same time, they were right at the cutoff to ride some of the bigger rides.


The Highlights:

The best area to take smaller kids in Happy Valley is Ant Kingdom. There are cars that go up and down, as well as mini hot air balloons, spinning cups, a carousel and jumper. There were a couple roller coasters that were out of commission that day. For the very littlest ones, there is a mini-boat ride.

“Rush Hour” in Ant Kingdom: With a minimum of 1.2 meter height they were just able to ride. The thing takes you way up high and then just drops you. I was shocked they loved it and did it three times in a row.

“Jungle Racing” in Lost Maya, is a real roller coaster that they were big enough to ride with an adult. We could have done that all day if not for the long line.


–If you want to make use of the train, there is only stop in the park, and often the wait is long. The upside of that is once you get on it is a leisurely ride.

–A long roundabout walk to get into most rides – geared for crowd control on busy days but a nuisance on quieter days.

If you go (as accurate as I could find – prices for mid-range have apparently gone up):

East Fourth Ring Road, Jingshen Expressway Intersection, Chaoyang district

Open: Monday to Friday from 9am to 7.30pm
Saturday and Sunday from 8.30am to 7.30pm (4.30pm last ticket sale).

Admission: Adults and children over 1.4m 160 yuan
Adults 65-69 and children over 1.2m 120 yuan
Adults over 70 and children under 1.2m free.