MancheboParents often feel guilty when the travel without their children – but it is important to get away from time to time. Check out a place like Aruba where the amazing location and beautiful spas will cure any guilt your are feeling – at least for a little while.

Our annual winter escape to Aruba began over a decade ago.  While we often prefer to sneak away to hidden beaches and local haunts, there are a few things that draw us to the hotels and touristy areas: Aruban spas One in particular is the Spa at Manchebo Beach Resort on Eagle Beach.  You see, this is where we honeymooned – well, if you call a honeymoon a week of running around while signing papers for the house we eventually built on the island with my in-laws.  That sounds romantic, right?

Aruba Without the Kids

Earlier this winter, my husband surprised me with a trip to our house in Aruba without the kids.  This is only the second solo trip we have taken to the island.  I travel for work 3-4 times a year, so I always feel guilty going away on a vacation without them.  Silly me.  If Mom Guilt has kept you from going on a vacation without your kids, let me tell you, it’s well worth the temporary twinges.  In fact, after this trip, I vow to go away with my husband more often because it was such a great way to refresh and reconnect.  I swear we were more relaxed and thus, better parents, upon return.

Aruba for Grown-Ups

This year at the Spa, we splurged for the first time ever on the 90 minute couples massage.  Oh, yes.  90 minutes in an outdoor cabana right on the beach, with the authentic background symphony of warm breeze rustling the Divi trees combined with ocean waves lapping the shore.

I would say that the first 60 minutes were wonderful.  That extra 30 crossed into the divine.

check out an Aruban spa to really enjoy your vacation

Photo credit: Pixabay

Take it from someone who has sampled the spas on Aruba, if you plan on booking spa time while vacationing on the island, don’t settle for a facility located inside a hotel with CD generated ocean music.  You can do that at home.  The Manchebo Spa is the one that draws us back year after year.  It has always been a relaxing treat.  This year it proved to cure Mom guilt, temporarily at least.

Reading from a cold and snowy location?  Check out the Aruban spa’s live web cam located on the home page at the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa.  Not gonna lie.  Sometimes I enlarge this to full screen and watch until I can practically feel the warmth on my skin.  If you need more of a fix, they also have a YouTube video that showcases the hotel and spa.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.