arubakimAruba sounds amazing to me with its white sand, turquoise waters, beautiful beaches.  And my friend Kim says I’m 100% right.  It is beautiful.
And safe.

Admit it.  It’s hard not to think of Aruba these days without also remembering Natalie Holloway, the gal who disappeared from Aruba while on a high school trip a few years ago.  Many of us followed the story’s details and it’s tragic turn.

And Aruba took a hit because of it.  People don’t really want to visit a place where something so horrible could happen.  But it does happen, all over the world, all the time.  

Now, Kim, and countless others, want you to know the Aruba they know. 


She goes to Aruba often (her family owns property there) and has fallen in love with the people there.  With Traveling Mom giving away a vacation there, I thought it would be a good time to find out what she loves about Aruba, so I asked her to fill in the blank on the following:

Me: Aruba is better than anywhere else I visit because:

Kim: The people are friendly and welcoming and the gorgeous weather is consistent year round.

Me: When I’m in Aruba, I make sure I :

Kim: Visit my surrogate softball team, the Aruba Bank Lady Tigers to say hello, and if time permits, run a training and/or clinic.

Me: One thing most people don’t know about Aruba is:

Kim: There are many beaches to be discovered far away from the bustling tourist areas.

Me: When I leave Aruba after a visit, I know I’m going to miss this most:

Kim: The sun, fresh air and vivid colors.

I think I’d like to see a bit more of that.  Just check out the picture she sent from her last visit.  Who wants to join me?