arcas1ARCAS Guatemala is a 21 year old organization that is trying to preserve this country’s wildlife. It started as a rescue center to rehabilitate animals that were being confiscated by the government. Now it is a very complex and big rescue center. You will find it in Guatemala City, in Monterrico and in Petén. These guys take care of 500 animals of more than 40 species a year.

altMy family and I have visited the ones in Monterrico and Petén and loved it. What’s more my husband was getting his veterinary practice done in ARCAS Petén when we met. Years later we came back with my son and now they have educational programs like informative tours that try to encourage people’s awareness. There are tours for children, groups and families.

Months later we went to ARCAS Monterrico where we were part of the magical experience of releasing and helping baby sea turtles to get into the sea for the first time.

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