Bedouin OasisAfter two and a half years of living here, my family and I have not been on a desert safari. That is, until now. I recently gathered my school staff together, along with their families, and we headed out to the Bedouin Oasis in Ras Al Khaimah.This gem in the desert is hidden deep within the dunes of Ras Al Khaimah, just beyond the Banyan Tree Al Wadi Resort, about a 45 minute to one hour drive from Dubai.

After carefully executing the two lane “truck road” leading to the Banyan Tree Al Wadi/Bedouin Oasis road, we arrived in the dirt parking lot and waited for the 4 wheel drive trucks to take us further into camp. After one last rising and falling of the dunes, we found a true oasis nestled at the base of a massive dune. Gorgeous tents, pillows and tables were set up for both small and large groups of people, lights were illuminating the side of the mountain dune and traditional music embraced us and set the mood. The set up of this Bedouin Oasis was first class and really made you feel like you were ready for a genuine cultural experience.

My children were quick to notice the two camels dressed up for camel rides and the lovely woman sitting in a tent ready to do henna designs. The boys went to the camels; the girls went for the henna. Eventually they all did each of those activities and then found themselves lost in the sand. They were running up and down the mountain, burying themselves as their pockets filled with sand and just enjoying digging their toes in the cool evening sand.

edward camelThe adults found refreshment in the onsite bar, enjoyed henna, took camel rides and found time to relax as the children were entertained all evening. As the evening progressed and the bright moon reveled itself, our appetites grew. A beautiful and plentiful buffet opened under one of the large tents, and spilled out into other areas as well. The amount of options were satisfying and perfect for any taste buds. I was especially impressed by the selection of grilled food. No one left hungry.

The entertainment for the evening ended with belly dancing. A beautiful woman came into the center of camp into the fashioned sand stage and began performing. As she danced, I wondered how hard it must be to continually move that way, or even how hard it would be to isolate parts of the body. My thoughts became reality, as I quickly found myself on the stage with the other women in the audience, learning how to belly dance. I can confirm it is not easy and I have a new appreciation for belly dancers.

All in all, I would highly recommend this unique desert camp to anyone, children included, and perhaps I would even upgrade to one of their many other packages offered. Everything from SUV tours to overnight packages await you and your family.  You can find all the packages and information here.  Tell them we sent you!