TravelingMom.comIn this second part of my story, read the first one here, about a trip to a Guatemalan carnival I would like to focus on the food. Because I have to say that’s something that really impressed me.

So let’s get started! As you walk down those small streets you will see tons of food stands where they sell all kinds of typical food, typical candies and typical snacks. If you close your eyes all those nice and inviting smells will hypnotize you, but hey! Be aware, because as soon as you open your eyes you are in for a treat.

All I ever saw was weird looking greasy food displayed on the counters where that were getting the sun heat as the stand’s owner shouted out the menu trying to get some clients. Sure some of them looked tasty; it was the conditions the food was made in what made it so not eatable for me. But what impressed me the most was the people eating it and it looked like they were actually enjoying it when all I could think of was the consequences of it (spending a couple of days in bed taking antibiotics and running to the bathroom); well I guess Guatemalans are used to it.

I guess I would have had to try the food to figure it out, but for now I’d rather give it the benefit of the doubt, just in case. And guess what? This is still not the end of the story so please don’t miss the next exciting article about this amazing trip to a Guatemalan carnival.

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