la-ceiba-spa-antigua-guatemala-entranceFor my husband’s and mine 10 year anniversary we went to one of our favorite hotels, Antigua Hotel, which just opened up a new spa, Ceiba Porta Spa inside the Porta Hotel Antigua. I’ve been watching from the sidelines of the past year the spa being built and was quite anxious to have a visit. However, with kids it can be challenging to do anything luxurious for one self, especially when you are laying down and being pampered.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to come here, because of their super fun kid center. My son’s a practical regular here with clown shows, face painting and super sweet girls that cater to the kids every whim.

My husband actually really enjoy doing spa afternoons, normally we have to find a nanny to take care of our kids, but we have been known to indulge in a massage or two. We’ve been to some spas around town and although the massage was adequate, the experience was nothing spectacular.


la-ceiba-spa-antigua-guatemala-couples-massage-roomLa Ceiba Spa was not only another massage parlor! It was a place to have a ritualistic experience. For starters my husband and I signed up for their signature ‘Sacred Tree of Life‘ package for couples. The adventure began from the minute we entered until we waved goodbye to the receptionist.

Nothing was spared while creating this world-class spa. Every corner of every room was thought out and designed for the best feel of the spa. 

After we were robed up and ready to go, the girl escorted down a dim hallway filled with sweet music and flowing waters in the background. Unlike other spas that we’ve been to for a couples massage where they’ve simply added a second bed to the room, La Ceiba had a room specifically designed for you and your partner.

We entered a room that was ready for us! Two massage therapist sat us down in cozy chairs, immediately handed us warm Jasmin tea with traditional Guatemalan sweets as we placed our feet into the warm water. While drinking our tea and having our feet soak in the water they poured different ingredients each representing a sacred tradition, herb, and element of Guatemala.

On to the fun part, the jacuzzi (for 2). They poured in the bubbles and gave us 20 minutes to indulge. I have never had so much fun in a jacuzzi. Maybe it was the jets or the bubbles or a mixture of the two, but I swear those bubbles grew and grew. I thoguht they would reach the ceiling.  When we got out, they stuck to us fur.

Time for our massages!

la-ceiba-spa-antigua-guatemala-couples-massageThe whole massage ritual took about one hour and fifteen minutes. The girls started kneading each and every tightened and stressed muscle from the head all the way down to your ti-pee toes. On both sides! They ended it with an exfoliating treatment made from local ingredients that brought my skin to life. As they waved goodbyes, we simply stayed still reveling in the tingly sensation.

At the end, I was so not ready to leave that room. How could I face the world again?

Well, I didn’t have to jump into the hustle and bustle just yet. We enjoyed one more cup of tea in the lounge room before getting our son who was having way too much fun with the facepainting and body painting. 

We had the Tree of Life package, however there are many to choose from plus a full service salon. Beware, you can spend all day spoiling yourself!

I am so grateful to Alejandra Salazar, director of La Ceiba, for giving my husband and I the best anniversary present!

Marina K. Villatoro has been living an expat lifestyle and being 100% location independent for over 10 years. She travels with her family in Central America .