guatemala1Guatemala City is something almost every traveler ignores. They all want to get to Antigua, Tikal or whatever their first destination is. But what almost no one knows is that it is a great place to take your kids for a fun family day out. There are many great thing to do but these are my favorite:

1 – Children’s Museum
This museum was created 10 years ago by the Guatemalan government as a tool to educate children in a fun environment.

It is divided in 9 sections:
1) My country;
2) Natural Science;
3) Science;
4) Health, hygiene & nutrition;
5) interactive games;
6) Peace gallery;
7) Lego Room;
8) Coffee room;
9) Games for the mind.
The entrance fee per person is $5 but if you get there in a week end there are special prices for families. My 6 year old son loved this museum, he got the chance to play all day and learn without knowing it.

guatemala22 – La Aurora Zoo
This is Guatemala’s national zoo and is located in Guatemala City. I mentioned it before in my list of favorite zoos and animal centers of Guatemala and I wrote a whole blog post on how much fun my son had in it. So you can imagine how cool this place is. What I love the most about it is that animals are not in tiny cages. They even look happy, so these guys are doing a great job. The entrance fee here is only $2 dollars per kid and $3 for Adults.

3 – Xpark
This is an adventure park located in the Hincapie Avenue of Guatemala City. My husband and son are completely in love with this place. There are tons of activities for adventurous people. Among others there is a climbing wall, an obstacle course, bungee jumping, gotcha and trampolins. For $15 you get a bracelet that includes free and unlimited use of almost all the attraction (gotcha is paid separately).

guatemala34 – Avenue of Las Americas This is the first phase of a project called Pasos y Pedales (Steps & pedals) by the Municipal Government of the City. It consists on fixing streets so that they can be closed during the Sundays. Now a days 5 phases have been completed with 10 streets around the city are closed on Sundays so families can go out and have some fun. In some of the streets you can find areas for biking, Tai Chi classes, open air gyms, areas where you can have some fun with your dog, and playgrounds.

5 – IRTRA Amusement Park Mundo Petapa is part of 7 parks and 4 hotels that were created by a group of private companies for their worker’s recreation. Affiliated workers can enter for free but anyone is welcome for a small fee. It was recently remodeled and now it has lots of fun rides for the whole family. They even have a zoo, a swimming pool and restaurants. I can’t start to tell you how much I love that place, the rides and the service. It’s a great place for a family day out.