Earth-Lodge-Camping-GuatemalaHaving kids is the best thing that can happen to you. They have helped me discover many places and fun things to do with them. Here are some pictures of my favorite adventures with my kids in Guatemala:

Camping Earthlodge

The earth lodge is a beautiful place minutes away from Antigua Guatemala. You can take you kids here for a night out in the wild. This is one of the last places in the country where you can camp safely.

Exploring Ruins


exploring-antigua-guatemala-ruinsThere are many church ruins in Antigua and I learned that they are great places for my kid’s adventures. He loves climbing everything and imagining he is an explorer. I think this picture says it all.

Seven Alters Waterfalls

seven-alters-waterfalls-livingston-guatemalaSeven alters is a place in Guatemala’s Caribbean that consists of a series of waterfalls. I still can’t believe how much fun my boy had playing in the pools under the waterfalls.


xetulul-largest-amusement-park-central-america-guatemalaXetulul is by far the best theme park of Guatemala. In it there are rides for all ages and tastes so you can imagine what a good time my boy, my husband and I had in that place. Boqueron

boqueron-canyon-guatemalaBoqueron is a hidden gem also located in Guatemala’s Caribbean. Almost no tourist knows of this place. This was such a fun adventure for us especially for my boy who got to play around in the middle of the canyon. Lanquin

lanquin-caves-guatemalaThe Lanquin caves are another great place to visit with kids. My boy had a great time pretending to climb some of the rock formations.

xpark-kid-action-guatemala-cityXpark is a great place where you can do all sorts of extreme sports on a safety environment. Here kids. My boy and his friends love jumping around the place doing everything. Museo del Niño

childrens-museum-guatemala-cityThis is a museum dedicated to educating kids but they also want them to have fun while learning. I guess this picture represents how much fun this place is.