antigua-market-handicraftsAntigua, Guatemala is such a tranquil and varied little city that you will find things to do in every corner. One of these things are things to do without having to spend a penny.Here are my 7 favorite free things to do:

Hotel Antigua Playground  This beautiful hotel offers a really fun playground where you can take your kids during the afternoon for some fun in a safety environment.

Cooperación Española This is a place established by Spain to work with the Guatemalan Government to improve education in the country. Here you will often find art exhibits & cultural activities. There is also a great permanent library.

San Sebastian Playground This is a small well maintained playground located on the San Sebastian Park that is opened for the general public. This is another great option for a fun afternoon with the family.

antigua-hotel-playgroundHandcrafts Markets  There are around 5 or 6 handcrafts markets all over Antigua filled with colorful, cool, interesting and weird souvenirs. You can go and do some sightseeing and spend some time looking at the beautiful pieces these guys have to offer

Churches  Antigua is filled with churches, they are everywhere! They are these beautiful structures filled with art. Some of the things you see in them are more than 400 years old. Even if you are not a catholic they are worth checking out.

Picnic or Chilling on a Park  Another thing that abounds in Antigua are parks. They are a great place to take your kids for a fun picnic or if you prefer you can just sit on a bench or under a tree with a good book and relax.

Hike up to Cerro de La Cruz On the northern side of Antigua there is a tiny mountain with a big cross overlooking the city. Well there is a trail that will take you up that hill towards the cross. From here you will have a beautiful panoramic view of Antigua. This is another great place for a picnic or a family day out.

Antigua is also full of fun things to do on the cheap.

 marina_family Marina K. Villatoro has been living an expat lifestyle and being 100% location independent for over 10 years. She travels with her family in Central Americ .