Making traditional Momos. Photo Credit: Expat TMOM

Making traditional Momos. Photo Credit: Heather Barnard / Expat TravelingMom

At the Sapana Village Lodge, you can either keep yourself busy all day, every day, with excursions and activities, or you can soak up much needed relaxation on site.

Since we were traveling with younger children (ages 5, 7 and 9), we tried to keep a balance between just letting them have a relaxing time playing and partaking in some of the excursions available.  We chose the following activities.

  • Elephant Candy (food) Making. The kids delighted in being able to learn how to make the elephant snacks and then feed them to
    Face to face with a rhino.  Photo Credit: Expat TMOM

    Face to face with a rhino. Photo Credit: Heather Barnard / Expat TravelingMom

    the elephants.  This was about 30 minutes and definitely worth it simply to try your hand at this art.

  • Elephant Make-Up. Giggles and squeals of delight from all children arose when they had the chance to draw on the elephant. This is a cultural custom for elephants to partake in during festivals.
  • Twenty Thousand Lake Visit. Perfect for the avid birder, take a ride into a forest allowing amazing views of many species of birds, as well as providing the opportunity for rhino and crocodile sightings!  Spend your breakfast break gazing out across the magnificent lake while watching Herons and Egrets fly around.
  • Jeep Safari. The highlight of our trip.  We chose the half-day option for the sake of the kids, which ended up being perfect.  Canoe across a gently river then load up in a jeep and take off.  We were fortunate to see two rhinos on this trek, one who caused a little bit of a panic for us!
  • Sapana Village Cooking Class. We took an hour out of a relaxing day to learn how to make the traditional food called Momo (dumplings).  You can choose other items to make, but its safe to say we had an addiction to these and needed to “bring them home with us.”
  • Sapana Village Henna. Next door to the lodge is the Women’s Skills Center, where Sapana Village Lodge helps teach women various skills such as sewing and henna art.  The sewing projects are
    Elephant Make Up Photo Credit: Expat TMOM

    Elephant Make Up. Photo Credit: Heather Barnard / Expat TravelingMom

    for sale in the lodge’s gift shop, with proceeds going back into the Women Skills Project.

  • Walk into town and visit a school. As a teacher, I had my students write letters to some students in the local school.  We took the time to visit with them, read to them and enjoy their enthusiasm for learning. I highly recommend doing this.

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