AlAinLifeSometimes you just want a family outing without thinking about the costs associated with it.  Here are 6 things to do in Al Ain that are absolutely FREE!

1) Camel Souk – Hidden behind the Bawadi Mall in Al Ain, the Camel Souk (Market) is a fun place to see 100s of camels waiting to be purchased.  You can get out of your car and walk around, but mind you, your free adventure will most likely then turn into a little change out of your pocket.  The camel tenders want you to pay them if you’re going to take pictures of the camels or with the camels.  But a few dirhams is really no big deal for such a cool up close and personal experience.

2) Jebel Hafeet – Jebel Hafeet rises 1249 meters and offers an impressive view over the city of Al Ain, day or night.  The road extends for 11.7km up the mountain, rising 1,219 m.  With 21 corners, called the immaculate road the greatest driving road in the world.  AlAinUAEOnce at the top, you’ll find the Mecure Hotel, a palace belonging to the country’s rulers and a parking lot with a small cafeteria.  You’re sure to get some fantastic pictures up here.

3) Green Mubazzarah – You’ll find this peaceful retreat at the foothills of Jebel Hafeet.  This is a place to bring the family for a picnic, a walk, swimming and other activities.  It’s popularity increases in the evening when temperatures begin to dip, especially during holiday, so claim your grass spot early.  Throughout this area you’ll find hot-water springs, pools, playgrounds, chalets, a restaurant, a lake, a train for the kids and even a luge track.


4) Paradise Garden – With approximately 1,000 visitors a day, this flower oasis is a Guinness Book of World Record holder for the most hanging flower baskets in one BarnardVisitpark.  Stroll among all the flowers, take pictures and have a seat while soaking it all in.  You can take drinks for sure, as for food…they say no, but everyone is eating inside, all the time.

5) Hili Archaeological Park – The largest Bronze Age site in the UAE, dating from the 3rd millennium BC, where you’ll find the Great Hili Tomb as well as other remnants.  This park is very large, offering a great place for families to enjoy.  There are many playgrounds, pavilions and walking paths.

6) Al Jahili Fort – Sheikh Zayed The First erected Al Jahili Fort in Al Ain in 1898.  The Al Jahili Fort is one of the great landmarks and symbols of the United Arab Emirates’ cultural heritage. The inner courtyard offers seating and a stage for concertgoers.

Of course there are more free things to do in Al Ain, but hopefully these give you enough to get you started.