IMG_4448-smallIn the United Arab Emirates, children are a part of EVERYTHING and are almost EVERYWHERE you go! This place LOVES children and makes it very easy to keep them entertained and you sane! Dubai has many child-friendly attractions for all ages…here are just a few to wet your whistle and start planning your next trip.
1) Children’s City situated at Dubai Creek Park on Bur Dubai, is filled withIMG_4463-small interactive exhibits, focusing on the human body, technology, space, and history and culture. My kids easily spent 2.5 hours there, and would have stayed longer had we had the time. It opens 9am-8.30pm daily, except on Friday, when it opens 3-8.30pm; we paid 40 dirhams for a family ticket for four, our two year old was free. You do have to pay 5 dirhams to get into the park itself.

2) Ski Dubai has the world’s largest indoor snow park. The park has an area of 22,500 snow-covered square metres, and contains a ski lift for the “hills”, a sledding section, a bunny hill area…even an area where you can get inside a giant plastic ball and be rolled down a mini hill. If you don’t feel like going in, there’s plenty of area to watch from outside the park. The park opens daily 9am-midnight; a one-day Ski Slope Pass costs 300 dirhams, and 275 dirhams for children. (00 971 4 409 4000; Website)

3) The Beaches – Dubai is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Pure white sand and warm waters of the deepest blues, children will love building sand castles and wasting the day away. Remember your sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses here! Jumeirah Beach is a very popular area as it’s off the Jumeirah Beach Boardwalk which features restaurant hotspots, activities, and beach rentals. For fabulous beach rental, check out Jumeirah Beach Residences (Website).

IMG_3029-small4) The Dubai Fountains– The World’s largest fountains, this show is truly amazing, and worth a second, third, and fourth trip! Best of all, it’s free! We stayed for two shows in one night! The kids were amazed at the 500ft sprays of water and loved dancing to the music. Beware, it gets very busy during the weekend, so get a good spot for your little ones to see. If you eat dinner in one of the lake front restaurants, ask for a table along the railing and be above the people! (Website)IMG_3733-small

5) Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo– You’ll find the aquarium at the heart of the Dubai Mall, and it’s the largest suspended aquarium in the World. Notice a theme here? Everything is bigger!  At the aquarium, you can see the tank full of rays, sharks, and other smaller fish and walk through the tunnel and the Underwater Zoo. The Underwater Zoo has traditional exhibits with otters, penguins, crabs, eels, various fresh and salt water fish, octopus, crocodiles, and more. You can even pay for a boat ride in the massive aquarium tank. We probably spent about 2 hours in the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. 50 dirhams for the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. (971 4 448 5200;Website)