While the entire family is very excited about traveling to the Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort this year, there is plenty to do before we leave. Traveling to sunny locals are honestly our favorite destinations; they make packing simple with lightweight clothing and flip flops as the focus. However, when traveling to Beaches Resorts the planning goes just a step beyond the usual making sure everything needed is packed.  I’ve narrowed down our preparations list to five key things we do before we travel to Beaches Resorts.

Calvin at Beaches Resorts

Photo Credit: Amy Barseghian / LifeStyle TravelingMom

Pack for a Purpose

Packing the things you need is always high on the priority list, but Sandals allows you to pack for others as well. The Sandals Foundation is a foundation that gives back to the communities that surround the Turks & Caicos resort. Through this foundation, guests of Sandals Resorts can bring school supplies to donate to the local schools. This is a great way to give back to the community that shares the beauty of their beaches with us all.5 Things to Do Before Traveling to Beaches Resorts

Credit Card Calls

Most credit card companies offer protection services that prevent charges from going through that are made far from your home but they can also deny charges in order to protect you. Since the Beaches Resorts will more than likely be far from your front doorstep, make sure you call and notify them of your trip. This helps them help you by not notifying or locking down your card while making purchases abroad. Be sure to let them know the dates of your travel, including when you plan to be home. Letting them know when you will be home will help keep you protected in the event of a lost or stolen card during your trip.

World Wide Connection

Our smartphones are always invited to come with us on any trip we take, but may not get coverage. Call your provider to see what the charges would be for making calls or sending texts during your international trip. If you need to add roaming or global coverage to your account, it is best to do it before you travel.

TravelingMom tip: See if your provider has WiFi calling as an option. If so, WiFi calling will be your

Traveling to Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos

Photo Credit: Amy Barseghian / LifeStyle TravelingMom

best friend during travel.

Pay to Play

One stress that almost always taxes us is money. It’s a great feeling when you see your account rise, but not so great to see it fall. In order to get the most relaxation out of your trip, Beaches has you pay the bill in full before leaving home. When you arrive at your Beaches Resort you can focus on relaxing and enjoying everything there it to love about an all inclusive resort. The only money you will see on your account when you check out are purchases you made at the gift shops on site during your trip.  

The Travel Cleanse

One of the best aspects of a Beaches Resort trip is that everything is included which means meals and drinks, too. However, as is the case most times during travel, everyone indulges a bit more than they would if they were at home.  It’s vacation after all so indulge a little.

Clean Eating Before Traveling to Beaches Resorts

Photo Credit: Amy Barseghian / LifeStyle TravelingMom

Knowing I will take advantage of the benefits of all-inclusive travel at Beaches Resorts, I prepare for it by eating super healthy and as clean as I can before the trip. I start at least a week before the trip and omit carbs as much as possible from my diet and focus on eating whole foods including plenty of fruits and vegetables. Then, when you get to the resort, order all the sugary cocktails and extravagant meals you want as you toss the guilt aside.

This is our second trip to Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos; this is truly a dream travel location so if you have not already added it to your travel bucket list, be sure you do and don’t miss my 10 travel tips for traveling to Turks and Caicos! There is so much fun to be had for everyone in the family of all ages. The best part is that once you arrive, you’ll have nothing to worry about except losing yourself in the stunning sunsets with a drink in one hand and the hand of a loved one in the other.