canopyCosta Rica is a fantastic place for a family vacation that includes teaching kids about nature. But it is also a family friendly country where kids can have a blast while learning cool nature stuff.

Educational Fun in Costa Rica:

1. Learn about wildlife – Costa Rica hosts over 4% of the world’s total fauna species and everywhere you go you will see animals like macaws, white faced capuchin monkeys hanging from a tree or sloths chilling. There is nothing better than a walk in the middle of the forest with a guide that will show and explain everything to you!


2. Learn about the different tropical plants – there are tons of plants in this country and some of them are unique of this part of the world. You and your kids will get to see and learn about palm trees, coffee plants, orange trees, rare orchids and a ton more.

sloth3. Learn about Volcanoes – Costa Rica is home to over 130 volcanoes and 5 of them are active. You can take your kids up to the crater at Poas Volcano, an active volcano with a beautiful turquoise lake in the middle. For an exciting lava show from a safe distance you can visit the Arenal Volcano which is right in front of the Arenal Lake.

4. Learn about a Cloud Forest – The vegetation is so unique and the ambiance so mystical that as you walk into a cloud forest you will feel like you were entering a new world. To experience this in Costa Rica you can go to Monteverde. Kids can have a lot of fun zipping through canopy lines and walking along the forest as they learn some fun facts about it!

5. Learn about a wetland – The best place to get to know a wetland in Costa Rica is in Cano Negro. Here you can go on a boat or kayak ride along the mangroves where you can see the local flora & fauna.

About the Author: Marina K. Villatoro is an expat living with her family and traveling in Central America. Costa Rica is a family friendly country.