panajachel-lake-atitlan-guatemala-pier-boat-toursThe Atitlan area is formed by lots of small Mayan villages located around a gorgeous lake that was formed thousands of years ago in the crater of a massive volcano. It is also known as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. As if that wasn’t enough you get amazing views of massive volcanoes such as San Pedro Volcano.

1. Lake and Village Tour by Boat Such a beautiful place can only be truly appreciated by boat. It is a super fun thing to do and kids love it. So you get to enjoy the beauty of the lake and its back ground and at the same time your kid can have a great time.

2. Walking Around Panajachel Panajachel is the commercial center of the area this is where you will find the most hotels, restaurants, shops, Spanish schools and anything you can think of. It is also quite famous for its night life. During the day it is a great place to go out for a walk with the whole family.

enjoying-the-view-lake-atitlan-guatemala3. Horseback Riding Around the Volcanoes This is a tour that my 6 year old boy loves. Plus you can enjoy a relaxing horseback ride in the middle of the forest, around beautiful volcanoes with gorgeous lake views.

4. Staying at a Hotel with a Pool Most hotels in the area have the most amazing lake and volcano views so make sure to find one with a pool. That way your kids can take some time to relax and have some fun as you chill with some amazing views.


5. Visit Santiago and Moximon Moximon is the Mayan representation of Saint Simon. They have a whole ritual and rules for people to see it. It is such a chaotic yet fun and informative experience. So kids can have fun and learn a little bit more about this Mayan tradition at the same time.

Marina K. Villatoro has been living an expat lifestyle and being 100% location independent for over 10 years. She travels with her family in Central America .