Picking the perfect multigeneration travel destination isn’t easy. The location of the trip is priority number one for many reasons. Meeting everyone’s needs to finding activities for all ages also rank high on that list. On a recent trip to Jamaica, Dana Zucker, Luxe Traveling Mom, explored the island and discovered Jamiaca is the perfect the multigeneration destination. Read on for 4 reasons why.

are there enough activities on Jamaica to make it a good multigeneration destination

A pool, a mojito, and a rainbow on Jamaica. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe Traveling Mom.

4 Reasons Why Jamaica Is Perfect Multigenerational Destination

It’s simple really. Families just want to vacation. Together. Grandmas, grandpas, moms, dads, kids, even aunts and uncles, all look forward to vacationing with their extended family. When considering Jamaica, the first draw for a multigenerational family vacation is its beauty. The island has spectacular beaches, inspiring mountains, wonderful people,and the amazing food. It is a true hospitality-driven destination.

My favorite motto of Jamaica is “There are no problems, only situations.”

And every situation that arose was handled right away, and most involved refilling my glass and securing reservations or tickets that were hard to come by.

Ease of Travel to Jamaica

It’s easy to get here. Jamaica has two main airports located on opposite sides of the island. Many U.S. and Canadian airports have daily arrival and departures direct from major cities. Plan your arrival airport based on the location of your resort. Or if you are visiting more than one Jamaican destination, fly into one and out of the other.


For example, we generally fly into Montego Bay. Then use a transfer service to our second destination and fly out of Kingston. A new highway makes it easy to get around the island.  The different sides of the island offer a variety of activities, and it is well worth planning to stay at more than one resort.

4 reasons why Jamaica a perfect destinaton for a multigeneration vacation

Arrivals are made very easy with the assistance of Club Mobay VIP Services. Whether arriving and/or departing from Montego Bay or Kingston, the arrival and departure services are worth it. A Club Mobay representative meets guests upon exiting the plane, guide you to the arrival lounge to freshen up and grab a drink or bite to eat, and then guided to an expedited customs line and directly to your transport.

When you must say goodbye to Jamaica, it is just as easy. Once checked in, simply visit the Club Mobay desk for an expedited security lane and you will be off to the Club Mobay lounge to enjoy cocktails, good food, and amazing service before your flight. The lounge is huge and offers a variety of areas, including group spaces and family rooms. There is even a spa to soak up a little more vacation before you take off.

The airports, transfers, and Club Mobay make traveling with the entire family a breeze.

Multigenerational Resorts in Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most diverse destinations for resorts I have ever seen. There is something for everyone from the budget traveler to the true luxury traveler. When traveling with a multigeneration group, one of the most important factors is meeting each family members’ budget, needs, and wants.

Melia Braco Village, Montego Bay

I recently stayed at the Melia Braco Village just East of Montego Bay. It is one of the best resorts I have seen to meet the needs for a multigenerational family vacation. The resort is divided into two sections; The Village and The Level.

are there great places to stay on Jamaica for multigeneration vacations

A view from a room at The Level at Melia Braco Village. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe Traveling Mom.

The Village has the larger grouping of rooms and has a wide variety of room types with garden or water views. The Level is a concierge private area with less rooms, but a club room with a spa treatment area, open bar, delightful food offerings, and staff all day until 11PM. There is a separate pool and beach front as well. The service is impeccable and you even receive a cell phone when you arrive to connect to the concierge for all your needs. I tested this out and a tea kettle and mimosa arrived before I knew it.

Melia Braco is perfect for the whole family with the on-site kids club, adventure course, water sports, spa, pool,s and beautifully appointed rooms to chill in.

Luxury Villas at Round Hill

For the family looking to turn it up a notch, Round Hill is one of the Jamaican properties sure to please. The resort offers rooms and villas so that a multigenerational gathering can be arranged with a combination of rooms and/or villas. We highly recommend booking a villa or two, large enough for the entire family.

The largest villas have six bedrooms, sleep 14, and have their own pools and dedicated housekeeping staff. Breakfast is served by a private chef in your villa and you can also arrange to have private lunches and dinners in there as well. This is perfect for large family gatherings as it gives you together time. We do suggest that you venture out of the villa and have meal or two in the resort restaurants and at a local favorite in Montego Bay.

is jamaica a good multigeneration destination

A gorgeous villa at Round Hill. Photo credit Round Hill Hotel and Villas.

Round Hill offers everything you need on site, from your private villa with pools, kids club, water sports, and more to the concierge who can arrange all your off-site details. It is the perfect luxury family getaway and is truly home away from home, with others taking care of every detail.

Things to Do in Jamaica

Jamaica is a natural paradise. From the rainforests to the mountains and the rivers, to the amazing cities filled with rich culture, to the beaches and more. Spend day after day adventuring and never see it all. Remember to plan days doing nothing. But, with multigenerational families, when some like adventure and others prefer doing nothing but relaxing, Jamaica has your family covered too.

Rose Hall

Rose Hall is located just outside Montego Bay. Known for the Great House, the legends that surround the property make a tour a must. Be prepared for a story that became a Johnny Cash song. While visiting Rose Hall, make it a kid stop by the Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa with its brand new water park. You can even rent a cabana for the adults. Don’t forget to stop by the shopping center.

Mystic Mountain Adventure

Mystic Mountain is officially one of my favorite places to hang out. There’s true beauty, the eco-friendly buildings and practices, and the bob-sledding, not to mention the ultimate hang out for kids from zero to 100+. Upon arriving at Mystic Mountain, everyone gets a 15-minute ride on the chairlift to the top of the mountain where the views are breathtaking.

are there activities to keep multigenerations happy on Jamaica

On the tram to Mystic Mountain. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe Traveling Mom.

Once at the top, everyone can enjoy their favorite activities and grab lunch or just hang out at the pool together. For the adventurous ones in the crew, zip-lining and bob sledding are a must. For those less adventurous, the hummingbird gardens, bob sled exhibits, and pool make for the perfect day. One tip…Buy the all-inclusive or multi-bob sledding pass, as you will want to go more than once.

Good Hope Estates

Good Hope Estates is another perfect adventure for the entire family. The Estate is built on the beautiful grounds of the Good Hope Plantation that still has active orchards. The entire family will enjoy the day and lunch is included. With the new bird aviary, pool, estate tour, and rum tasting, those looking for a more calm day are all set.

do activités on Jamaica make it a good multigeneration destination

Floating down the river at Good Hope. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe Traveling Mom.

For those looking to play, there is so much to do you will need the entire day. Use those chilling as home base and head out for river tubing, ATV adventures with views to die for, and zip lining; the new water park is almost built. The younger kids will have plenty to do with a low ropes course and lots of areas to roam and explore.

Glistening Waters

Glistening Waters is one of the natural wonders of the world and home to one of the few bioluminescent bays; a natural phenomenon of micro-organisms lighting up when disturbed. Start the evening enjoying a local dance group while waiting for your boat.

what are some of the best activities on Jamaica for multigenerations

Glistening Waters. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe Traveling Mom.

Your group will then board one of the boats safe for the entire family and head out to the bay. Once your guide fills you with knowledge, you have the opportunity to jump in the water and watch the water light up around you. The boat ride and water is safe for all ages.

The Restaurants in Jamaica

The food in Jamaica is filled with history, tradition, and flavor. From the experienced adventurous eater to the picky eater, every place I’ve dined will meet the needs of the entire family. Whether you are staying in with a chef, eating at a resort with multiple restaurants, or venturing out to a local hot spot, you will not be disappointed.

what are some local delicacies on Jamaica like jerk

Lunch at Scotchies Jerk Center. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe Traveling Mom.

Jamaica Dining Tips:

  • If staying at a resort, please advise the staff prior to your arrival of any food allergies or dietary needs
  • Staying in a home will give you some flexibility with meals and most come with private chefs. We suggest allowing the chef to prepare traditional meals to get a flavor of the island and the abundance of fresh local ingredients available.
  • Get out and explore the local hot spots. We love taking food tours and the whole family can join in. Generally, these can be chosen based on the amount of walking the group can do. Work with a local vendor like Jamaica Culinary Tours to pick the tour that is right for you.
  • Visit Scotchies for Jerk. This is a must! Grab one of the huts and try one or two of three of everything on the menu, especially the fish and pork jerk. Be sure to stop by the kitchen to see the traditional cooking methods still used.
  • Eat meat pies! But, eat them the right way, inside of sweet bread. Yes, sweet bread with a meat pie in it. We love Tasties meat pies, but know there are many more on the island to try. In fact, the meat pies at Club Mobay are really good too!
  • If staying at a resort, be sure to take advantage of the variety of restaurants, but more importantly, the local flavors. Don’t just stick to the omelet bar, try the local breakfast specialities like ackee, salt cod, and traditional beans.
are the dining options on Jamaica good for multigenerational

Always a favorite – mimosa on the beach in Jamaica. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe Traveling Mom.

Jamaica is the perfect destination to plan your multigenerational family vacation. Everyone’s needs, wants, and desires will always be met and the family will enjoy each moment together. Remember there are “no problems- mon”. The hospitality on the island is amazing.

When will you plan your visit?