Beaches Resorts an all-inclusive Turks & Caicos resort includes a 45,000 square-foot waterpark; four themed villages, boasting the architecture and ambiance of Italy, France, the Caribbean and Key West; a 12-mile beach lapped by clear turquoise waters; endless fun activities for everyone, from tots to tweens and teens, Sesame Street characters, the Xbox Play Lounge and a teen disco. And it’s all located on one of the world’s best white beaches and aquamarine waters.

VIP Tips for Beaches Turks and Caicos when you're traveling with kids.

VIP Tips for Staying at Beaches Turks and Caicos. Photo Credit: Tara Settembre/VIP TravelingMom

10 VIP Tips for Beaches Turks and Caicos

1. Make a reservation at Kimonos Restaurant

2. Order a Humming Bird

3. Pamper yourself with a Tropical Glow Facial

4. Grab a fancy latte and pastry at Café de Paris

5. Have a Sesame Street Character Breakfast

6. Visit the Secret Garden

7. Ride the Train

8. Take a Snorkeling Cruise

9. Look Around for Towel Art & Flower Notes

10. Book a Concierge Suite

The Wonders of Beaches

This was our second time vacationing as a family to Beaches Turks & Caicos with our twin toddlers. Honestly, the resort makes traveling internationally like a day at the beach! How? Everything is taken care of from the moment you arrive with free transfers to the resort (about a 20 minute ride away) with the option of car seats (this time we decided to just hold them on our lap though in the middle of the small bus). Be sure to also read:  Tips for Traveling to Beaches Turks & Caicos with Infants & Toddlers and Every Tip You Need to Take Toddlers to Beaches Ocho Rios.

Better yet, all the food, top-shelf liquor, yummy Mondavi wines (be sure and call a “Cab,” it was our favorite!), water sports, tips and even childcare (Camp Sesame) for all ages even infants is included with the price of your vacation. One of their taglines is “luxury included” and you’ll definitely experience that here.

With 20 restaurants and bars, we still haven’t tried all their dining options and we’ve been twice! Both visits, we got to do new adventures and experiences though. You definitely won’t get bored here even if you come back again and again like us! If you’re headed to Beaches Turks & Caicos below are some VIP tips that you won’t want to miss!

1. Make a reservation at Kimonos Restaurant

The Japanese hibachi restaurant is the only one on the resort that requires a reservation and it’s not open every day. So, when you arrive, first things first, set a time to dine here.

This is our favorite restaurant not only because of the meal, but the experience. The chefs sing songs, sometimes a character will drop in, you meet other guests and it’s an overall fun communal experience. I actually laughed so hard tears came to my eyes when I failed again and again at trying to catch a piece of chicken in my mouth that our chef was throwing from the grill. Everyone kept clapping and encouraging me, but I was so terrible that it was funny.

Since our boys were barely 3, my husband and I decided to have Kimono’s be the one evening that we did dinner separately. We dropped them off at the kids camp at night for a dance party and to watch Finding Nemo. When we went to pick them up after dinner, they didn’t want to leave (traitors!).

VIP Tip at Beaches dinner at Kimonos

VIP Tip: Make a Reservation for Kimonos at Beaches. Photo Credit: Tara Settembre/VIP TravelingMom

2. Order a Humming Bird!

Don’t worry, it’s a drink, not an actual bird. You can find it at the three swim-up bars or order it from a passing server on the beach. It’s a frozen daiquiri that’s not too sweet with banana, milk, Irish Cream and grenadine. While it doesn’t sound like a mixture that I’d normally like, it’s really really good. I’ve also never seen it anywhere else.

Beaches VIP Tip Order a Humming Bird

Be sure and order a Humming Bird! Photo Credit: Tara Settembre/VIP TravelingMom

3. Pamper yourself with a Tropical Glow Facial

This treatment at Beaches Red Lane Spa is designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, decrease hyperpigmentation and increase collagen production. This treatment includes a deep cleanse, papaya and pineapple enzyme exfoliation, extraction and vitamin-rich mask followed by a facial and a hand and arm massage that will leave you feeling perfectly renewed.

I did this treatment both times I visited and it left my face glowing and moisturized for days. It’s also customizable based on your skin type and you can even pick from three scents. The resort actually has two Red Lane Spa locations, the original one in the French Village and a newer one in the Key West Village.

I’ve been to both but am conflicted as to which I liked better. The services are the same, but the Key West one is larger and I liked the Zen vibe to it, while the French had a more country cottage feel.

Also, if you’re a tea fan like me, you’ll be glad to discover that both of the spa relaxation rooms have loose leaf tea bags that are heavenly. Unfortunately, the rest of the resort only offers Lipton tea and they were out of green everywhere during our recent trip.

VIP Tips for Beaches Turks and Caicos include getting a spa facial.

Get a VIP facial at Beaches Red Lane Spa. Photo Credit: Tara Settembre/VIP TravelingMom

4. Grab a fancy latte and pastry at Café de Paris

While you can order a coffee at all the restaurants at the resort, you can pick up iced coffees and more at this Parisian-inspired coffee house in the French Village. It’s also open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. so perfect for a morning charge, afternoon pick-me-up or an after dinner treat. (I also stopped by for some warm cookies and desserts one afternoon.)

Again, if you’re a tea fan though, you might want to pack your own tea. Our room came with an electric kettle, which was such a great feature and luckily I had a few green tea bags stored away in my makeup bag so had a nice cuppa out on our porch each afternoon.

5. Have a Sesame Street Character Breakfast

Enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast with Elmo and all his friends in a family-friendly dining environment. This is great for photos with the kiddos and gives them the chance to get up-close with all the characters in one place. They get a little plush puppet too. Plus, my boys enjoyed dancing and doing the conga line with the characters at the end.

As a parent, it was definitely a fun moment shared with my boys. I thought it was going to be expensive, but is just $12 per adult and $16 per child (under 2 are free though).

VIP Beaches Breakfast

Your kids will feel like a VIP at the Sesame Street Character Breakfast. Photo Credit: Tara Settembre/VIP TravelingMom

6. Visit the Secret Garden

During our second visit, I discovered a Nursery and Greenhouse Garden next to the French Village check-in area. While there is a sign, there isn’t much foot traffic nearby so it can easily be overlooked. It’s not much to see, but I found it interesting and enjoyed the respite.

Also, I got to see sprouting coconuts and the fauna found throughout the resort being nurtured and grown here. One of the lead landscapers, Lassie, was kind enough to cut open a coconut for us to drink from, which was amazingly refreshing.

7. Come on, Ride the Train

Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to noon and again from 2-5 p.m., a motorized train runs every 30 minutes from village to village much to the delight of kids. Despite being such a fun feature, it’s not publicized much. It’s sort of like a secret unless it happens to cross your path during the weekday. Our boys loved it and we snapped some happy photos while riding on it together.

Beaches VIP Tip Ride the Train

Did you know Beaches Turks & Caicos has a train? Photo Credit: Tara Settembre/VIP TravelingMom

8. Go on a Snorkeling Cruise

While you can simply borrow fins and a mask at any point and walk down the beach a bit to a fun snorkeling area, you’re better off going on the included snorkeling cruise for the best views and reefs. Check by the pier early on during your stay for times and the sign-up sheet.

9. Look Around for Towel Art & Flower Notes

In the mornings on your way to breakfast or to save a spot on the beach, you’ll usually be able to find some impressive towel art displays in the pool cabanas. Snap a pic before they get ruined. Also, our boys made friends with a waitress named Early. One morning for breakfast she led us to a table that had a flower display that spelled out the word “Enjoy” on our table! How special is that?!

VIP Beaches Tip Look for Towel Art

Keep a lookout for VIP towel art and flower signs. Photo Credit: Tara Settembre/VIP TravelingMom

10. Book a Concierge Suite

For a true VIP, luxury experience, splurge on a concierge suite. Not only will you have more room for kids with pull-out beds and cribs, it comes with a fully stocked bar with sodas, juices, beer, wine and even liquor. Also, if there is something you like, the resort will add it. The Italian Village has been our favorite so far and it’s center to everything.

Want to make your stay at Beaches Turks and Caicos the best? 10 tips include booking a dinner at Kimonos restaurant and a spa facial.10 VIP Tips For Visiting Beaches Turks & Caicos

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Do you have any other VIP tips or insider secrets to share? Happy to answer any questions you may have too. Fire away in the comments below!