The capital city of Austria is magnificent to behold with its spectacular baroque architecture, old-world charm, and irrepressible devotion to intellectualism and art. All that however, can be a bit over the top for the little ones. Here’s how to turn this European center of art into a fun adventure for the kids.

Best Things to Do in Vienna with Kids


Photo credit: Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan / International TravelingMom

1. Catch a show at the Marionnette Theater. The marionette theater at the Schonbrunn Palace is a special experience for kids, even if many of the shows are in German. The marionettes are exquisitely elaborate and are wielded with such ease and grace that you scarcely remember that you are watching a puppet show. They usually act out famous operas and operettas so your kids can boast about watching “The Magic Flute” and other such masterpieces. 

  1. 2. People watch at the Museums Quarter: Aside from the Zoom Kindermuseum, there is always something fun going on for

    Photo Credit: Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan / International TravelingMom

    the whole family in the MQ. On a sunny day, enjoy the wide-open space and watch all the art lovers going by.

  1. Marvel at the elegance of the Spanish Riding School: Even the most unruly child is likely to be awed by the regality of the spectacle that is the Spanish Riding School. Skilled horsemen perform exercises and riding traditions over 4 centuries old atop the most gorgeous beasts Advanced booking a must.
  1. Camp out at the Manner wafer store: A Viennese specialty with a store right in Stephensplatz, immerse yourself in a long debate over flavors (hazelnut is the classic) while sampling what’s new and hot.
  1. Take a horse carriage tour: Every corner of Vienna is dotted with baroque masterpieces and you can see them all a lot faster from a horse carriage. Plus, you can enjoy the added benefit of the kids not complaining about their aching feet.
  1. Embark on a quest to find the best sachertorte: Sachertorte is a chocolate cake that was created in Vienna and an Austrian specialty. All Viennese coffee houses have one so make it your family’s mission to seek out the gooiest.
  1. Check out Sisi’s jewels: The Sisi Museum at the Hofburg Palace is a tribute to Empress Elisabeth, or Sisi, as she is affectionately called. She is Austria’s answer to the beloved Princess Diana.

    Photo Credit: Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan / International TravelingMom

    Better than impressionistic art or guided tours, let the kids wander through Sisi’s glamorous personal articles as well as the very impressive silver collection.

  1. 8. Haus der Musik: Aimed at bringing Vienna’s history of innovation in music into the 21st century, this interactive sound museum has a ton of hands-on exhibits and activities for kids. No way they don’t enjoy this one.
  1. 9. Vienna Zoo: This is no regular zoo. In Vienna, even the animals live in baroque surroundings. Allegedly the oldest zoo in the world, the Vienna zoo is a short walk from the Schonbrunn Palace and a great way to escape all that culture while still being in it!
  1. 10. Mozart House: Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart is of interest to children because most of his success was achieved when he was very young. He was a genius as well as a cautionary tale so check out the special programs for kids at his Vienna residences.

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Have you been to Vienna with kids? What was their favorite thing to do there? Tell us in the comment section below.