IMG_20110424_110419Where in the world is Idaho Traveling Mom? I’m somewhere in Idaho where it only takes 5 minutes to go from the largest downtown in the State to the magical foothills where you can hike, bike, walk your dog, or get your trail-ready stroller for some good times. There are over 130 miles of trails connecting different parts of the city to different neighborhoods. 

This great but small city has a ballet, an opera, a philharmonic, two modern dance companies (one of which gets slavish reviews in the New York Times) and a handful of theater companies, one of which produces exclusively original content.

There is also no traffic.  The locals will tell you otherwise, but perhaps they’ve never lived in West LA — they don’t know from traffic.  There is NO traffic in this lovely city.

OK, the depth of good food could be better, but it has gotten a lot better just in the past year. 


And I’ll let you in on this little secret: if you click the links, you’ll figure it out in half a sec. 

From now through April 30, 2011, guess Where in the World is Idaho Traveling Mom by posting your comment below. Commenters will be entered to win a TMOM shirt (like the one I’m wearing in the photo)!  The shirt wicks.  And the white piping is very slimming.

Good luck!