airplaneTravel, particularly air travel, can involve some discomfort, like dry mouth and itchy skin. The pressurized air in an airplane makes your skin and your throat dry. A few new products help combat the dryness.

Stay Hydrated to Stay Healthy During Air Travel

health Moisture DropsThe first line of defense is to drink plenty of water, but you have to remember to fill empty water bottles or buy over priced water after security. If you are traveling with kids, you may accidentally this step, or be overwhelmed by the logistics of wrangling three kids and ensuring you have enough food and drinks for everyone. And forget about relying on the drinks cart to hydrate. If you are lucky, you might get a few ounces of water, but my family is always seating in the row that is just about to be served when we hit turbulence and everyone has to sit down. By the time the turbulence ends, we are starting our descent and the service ends.

For this, I am grateful for Luden’s Moisture Drops, which alleviate dry mouth and can soothe a sore throat. Don’t give these to kids under age 3.

Antiseptic Spray Kills Cold and Flu Germs

You can also keep yourself cold and germ-free when flying with an oral antiseptic spray. Halo spray comes in a TSA-friendly one-ounce size, and is alcohol, sugar and dye-free. There is a grape flavor for kids (over age 2) or berry or citrus for adults.

Halo kills airborne germs, including ones that cause colds and flu.


Travel Creams to Keep Skin Soft

If your skin looks like an alligator purse at the end of a flight, try Medicine Mama’s Bee Magic. This multi purpose organic cream is ideal for travel; it comes in a two-ounce plastic container, it is highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way, and it can be used for a variety of ailments.

First and foremost, it relieves dry skin and since it is made from organic extra virgin olive oil, beeswax and honey, it can moisturize the body and lips. It is also a sunburn soother, and can be used on diaper rash, big bites and stings. It is like an all in one emergency medicine kit. And with no perfumes, dyes or synthetic additives, it is perfect for sensitive skin.

Traveling moms know how hard it can be to keep germs away. But it can get easier for one reader, who will win a Halo antiseptic spray. To enter, comment on how you keep your family safe when you fly. You must enter through the Rafflecopter widget below – and you can come back every day for extra entries. The contest will run until 12:01am ET on October 30.

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