NeopetsWin a Neopets Puzzle Adventure DS game – just in time for winter break travel!

Planning a roadtrip to the ski slopes? Chasing the sun? The kids can care for their virtual pets on the way and get rewarded for doing it. Neo-Pets Puzzle Adventure is the newest game based on, a global community with an active economy based on caring for and raising virutal pets, which boasts 44 million players in 11 languages.

The gameboard resembles a chess board, while the gamplay is reminiscent of Rerversi and Go, with new twists for more fun. The goal is to turn all of the chips on the board to the player’s Neopet’s color. Try it for yourself. Maybe you’ll keep it for yourself.

To Enter: Share your Winter or Spring Break Adventure(s). Every time you post an adventure story, you are entered to win the Neopets Puzzle Adventure game. A second winner gets Hello Kitty. Game ends 11:59pm, EST, on Saturday, January 31. Go to Winter Break Contest on Mom Bloggers to post.